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The Int'l Spectator
most dangerous countries for women 2018 1 india 2 afghanistan 3 syria 4 somalia 5 saudi arabia 6 pakistan 7 dr
Most dangerous countries for women, 2018.

1. India
2. Afghanistan
3. Syria
4. Somalia
5. Saudi Arabia
6. Pakistan
7. DR Congo
8. Yemen
9. Nigeria
10. United States

(Thomson Reuters)
The Int'l Spectator
population million china 1400 india 1330 us 328 indonesia 265 brazil 209 pakistan 201 nigeria 194 bangladesh 1
Population. (million)

China: 1400
India: 1330
US: 328
Indonesia: 265
Brazil: 209
Pakistan: 201
Nigeria: 194
Bangladesh: 165
Russia: 144
Japan: 126
Mexico: 125
Philippines: 107
Egypt: 97
Vietnam: 95
Ethiopia: 94
DR Congo: 89
Germany: 83
Iran: 81
Turkey: 80
Thailand: 69
France: 67
Paddy Power
annual spending on defence usa 820bn cuba 700m man city 200m bosnia 180m congo 135m
Annual spending on defence:

USA £820bn
Cuba £700m
Man City £200m
Bosnia £180m
Congo £135m
Nicholas Kristof
hmm nikki haley should examine poverty in america she d find that 3 million us kids live in extreme poverty le
Hmm, Nikki Haley should examine poverty in America. She'd find that 3 million US kids live in "extreme poverty"--less than $2 per person/ day, the same standard for extreme poverty in Congo or S Sudan. Some US kids have worms and other parasites. Happy to take Haley to show her.
Kenneth P. Vogel
scoop is negotiating a security contract with the democratic republic of congo through an israeli firm that wa
SCOOP: @MayorRGiuliani is negotiating a security contract with the DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO through an Israeli firm that was paid $8M to block additional sanctions by the TRUMP administration against the DRC for corruption & human rights abuse
World Bank
half of the world s poor live in these 5 countries india nigeria democratic republic of congo ethiopia banglad
Half of the world's poor live in these 5 countries:

🇮🇳 India
🇳🇬 Nigeria
🇨🇩 Democratic Republic of Congo
🇪🇹 Ethiopia
🇧🇩 Bangladesh #CountPovertyOut #EndPoverty
Joy Reid
i m the proud daughter of immigrants from british guyana and the congo my immigrant family my cousins aunts un
I'm the proud daughter of immigrants from British Guyana and the Congo. My immigrant family - my cousins, aunts, uncles and my husband's Jamaican family - have contributed MIGHTILY to this country. Yet Trump, of all people, views us as useless products of "shithole countries."
The Nobel Prize
the physician denis mukwege awarded the nobel peace prize has spent large parts of his adult life helping the
The physician Denis Mukwege, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, has spent large parts of his adult life helping the victims of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Dr. Mukwege and his staff have treated thousands of patients who have fallen victim to such assaults.
The Int'l Spectator
half of congo s population perished with up to 10 million deaths when controlled by leopold ii of belgium 1919
Half of Congo's population perished, with up to 10 million deaths, when controlled by Leopold II of Belgium.

(1919 Belgium government commission)
ian bremmer
most dangerous countries for women 1 india 2 afghanistan 3 syria 4 somalia 5 saudi 6 pakistan 7 dem rep of con
Most dangerous countries for women

1 India
2 Afghanistan
3 Syria
4 Somalia
5 Saudi
6 Pakistan
7 Dem. Rep. of Congo
8 Yemen
9 Nigeria
10 US (the only Western country on the list 🤔)

Thomson Reuters Foundation
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