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@Swamy39  : Congi has showed its true anti national character by trying to internationalise Art 370 removal. Best answer is tell UNSC that Nehru’s Petition is illegal and withdraw it

We in BJP when we say Congi mukt Bharat we mean videshi Cong International. If swadeshi Congress is created then we welcome a 2 party system

Congis are groaning and moaning that Retd HC Judge Sunil Gaud got a post as Chm of PMLA Board. If he judges a crook as a crook does Congi want us to punish him? What about CJIs who got plum posts on retirement during UPA period?

@OpIndia_com  Tully ‘s commitment to India is total since he has chosen to settle down in India after retirement from BBC. Hence Congi should take his criticism as friendly and of and as defacto Indian

Pak Foreign Minister laments that no one is waiting with garlands to receive Pakistan on abolition of Article 370. He is wrong. Cheer up. The Congi party is standing in a queue to welcome Pakistan with garlands

TDK has become by musical chairs the Congi chief. Therefore she must make public the following: 1.Her original name when she applied for Indian citizenship 2. Certificate of renouncing her Italian citizenship if any 3. Her true educational qualifications.

@DrRAVIDHAKAR  : My main obstruction is embedded agents of TDK in our Govt bureaucracy harassing honest officers on flimsy or cooked up grounds. Some have been removed thanks Namo’s direction but years of Congi rule has crusted the system

Once again Amit Shah deserves congrats for deft handling of issues in RS raised by Congi on the dangers of the UAPA amendments. He was fluent and shot down PC’s allegations. Best was on naming individuals as terror suspects

Congi not yet posted the FIRs on social media. They lied when Congis said 400+ FIRs. Publish just 10. Telling lies is TDK calling card


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Congi should learn from their Rehanuma Pak PM Imran Khan. His ISI masters told him that BJP will win majority and India will carry out the char tukda operation on Pakistan . So he wooing Modi with sweet words now

Congi leaders must apologise to the nation for telling lies about the surgical strike during the UPA. MMS ordered not a single air strike. Army units on the border took their own local initiative. No comparison with Namo

TV Channels are screening the bashing of a Muslim by rogues for alleged cow stealing and blaming BJP. But where did the ghastly incident take place two days ago? Madhya Pradesh!!! Not one channel blamed Congi govt

Now we need in India a BJP Govt all the more because of the Sri Lanka terrorist act. This because Congi is terror friendly. Soon Digvijay will declare that what happened in Colombo is due to Hindu Terror

Let all PTs be clear. Namo may campaign on his govt's Vikas achievement but we all should know is that what is at stake is the cultural genocide that the Congi led Mahagadbadan in power will initiate. So set aside all differences and fight to win.

We all patriots must be grateful to Namo for his extraordinary humanitarian and just stand to elevate scientist Nambi Narayan after Congi has has slandered him at the behest of selfish Americans who hated ISRO’s low cost satellite launcher rockets and tried to destroy ISRO

It is alarming so many Congi leaders are honey trapped by ISI and free sex Naxalitewalis. National security is in danger! We need BJP back with majority in 2019 even if we have not kept some of our election promises