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Wonder why he would do that? It’s almost as though he realizes that the conflict is terrible... but hey his wife could make hundreds of thousands while they both work to sabotage @realDonaldTrump... WIN WIN right???
Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, including occupied Palestinian territory, is a reckless threat to peace. The British Government must condemn this dangerous act and work for a just and viable settlement of the conflict.
Peace is not brought about through conflict, but through compassion—creating peace of mind within ourselves. We all need compassion and women can take a lead role in encouraging others to let it flower within them. My own first teacher of kindness and compassion was my mother.
A message of hope to the children affected by the conflict in Syria. @SavetheChildren
Don't hide your scars.
Scars are medals branded on flesh, & enemies will be frightened by them because they are proof of your long experience of battle.
Often this will lead them to seek dialogue & avoid conflict.
Scars speak more loudly than sword that caused them
Calling white women allies to recognize conflict of #WomenBoycottTwitter for women of color who haven't received support on similar issues.
Did Mueller even ask his staff (like Peter Strzok) if they had conflict of interest or were unbiased? If not, he's incompetent. If he DID ask & Strzok told him the truth about his contempt for , Mu@POTUSeller is biased. If he asked & Strzok LIED, then why isn't Strzok indicted?
Trump won't attend daily U.S. intelligence briefings. Apparently, they're a schedule conflict with his Russian intelligence briefings.
What I needed to learn in highschool:

1. Public speaking
2. Project management
3. Negotiation
4. Conflict resolution
5. Software development
6. Accounting
7. Financial planning
8. Critical thinking
9. How to mentor
10. Business plan dev
11. People management
12. Customer service
Let's pray for peace and a swift end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! Is there any hope?....
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