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Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, including occupied Palestinian territory, is a reckless threat to peace. The British Government must condemn this dangerous act and work for a just and viable settlement of the conflict.
Peace is not brought about through conflict, but through compassion—creating peace of mind within ourselves. We all need compassion and women can take a lead role in encouraging others to let it flower within them. My own first teacher of kindness and compassion was my mother.
A message of hope to the children affected by the conflict in Syria. @SavetheChildren
I wonder if Gloria Allred got a conflict waiver before being so helpful to the other side of her case???
Calling white women allies to recognize conflict of #WomenBoycottTwitter for women of color who haven't received support on similar issues.
Trump won't attend daily U.S. intelligence briefings. Apparently, they're a schedule conflict with his Russian intelligence briefings.
We must tackle the growing concentration of unaccountable wealth and power in the hands of a tiny corporate elite, climate change and the refugee crisis, and end the “bomb first, think later” approach to conflict resolution.
Firing of Comey tainted by extraordinary conflict of interest. Independent prosecutor must be appointed to restore any public confidence.
Let's pray for peace and a swift end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! Is there any hope?....
Today we reflect on the human costs of war and the sacrifices made by our veterans in conflict and peacekeeping over many years. In their honour, and for our children’s future, let us do all we can to bring about a more peaceful world. #RemembranceDay2017
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