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Science says life begins at conception. And God says, "I knew you in your mother's womb." So this "minister" is wrong on BOTH counts. Presbyterian Minister Says Unborn Baby Only Becomes a Person “When They are Loved

The story of two overlooked but pivotal figures in the conception of chaos theory — forgotten until now — illustrates challenges that women coders still face today.

“People do have that conception that the more you can drink, the cooler you are.” Stream the new CBSN Originals documentary, “Drinking Culture: American Kids and the Danger of Being Cool,” now:

JUUL co-founder Adam Bowen gives Carl Quintanilla JUUL's genesis story, from conception to fallout.

Ambrose Weda: The conception of the CBC was localized yet we are global, an education system should meet international standards. The CS seems to be confused and has put a level of arrogance. #KTNMorningExpress  @ktnnewslat @michaelggitongaest

When you're trying to get pregnant, don't let these avoidable mistakes affect your conception goals.

It might surprise people to consider that the younger son is actually our idealized conception of ourselves. Too often, we are the elder brother -- the son who complied out of...

WATCH: The burned-out dive boat Conception was brought to the surface on Thursday, and pulled into the Port of Hueneme in California by a tugboat early Friday morning. Federal investigators are searching for what caused a fire onboard that killed 34 people.


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The Fallout Continues: 2012 Joe Biden Said 'Life Begins at Conception' Well a lot has changed in 7 years for #FloppyJoe . Does he even know what his positions are?

We are called to assist the elderly, the sick and the unborn: life must always be protected and loved, from conception to its natural conclusion.

Morning prayer Lord, You said You knew us in our mother’s womb which tells us that what is inside a mother’s womb from conception is a Devine creation and not to be destroyed, Lord let that knowledge burn the conscience of those who support the slaughter of these innocents.

Every life counts: from the beginning to the end, from conception to natural death

What we say about the value of human life fundamentally impacts who and what we will be as a nation. In recognition of this, I have reintroduced the Life at Conception Act to ensure the unborn receive equal protection under the law.

This question has been asked for six months. She is either lying to Congress or willfully ignorant. Either way, her intentional targeting of God’s children is beneath contempt. Further proof that Trump Republicans believe protecting life begins at conception and ends at birth.

Troop withdrawal from Syria has already begun, over the objection of our military and despite John Bolton’s statements last week. The Trump Administration's foreign policy is as deeply flawed in its conception as it is dangerously incompetent in its execution.

Caring for the sacred gift of all human life, from conception to death, is the best way of preventing every type of violence.

President Trump has not the slightest conception that each and every one of the people he insults is one of his employers.