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Proposals by Jacob Rees-Mogg to bring Parliament back exemplify this government's approach from the beginning of the pandemic - complete lack of thought about practical issues:

The $1.5 billion the Commonwealth contributes towards skills and workforce development has been mismanaged due to poor planning and a complete lack of goal setting, according to Federal Employment Minister Michaelia Cash.

Presumably having Canavan Fitzgibbon on a qanda panel about climate change satisfies the need to balance a complete lack of interest in climate change from the coalition with a complete lack of interest in climate change from labor.

Another example of this country's complete lack of leadership: #BLM ʻs William Perry Pendley compared #climatechange  to unicorns because “neither exist”. And in 2016, he laid out a case that argued for the near-total abolition of federal #publiclands .

From inconsistencies in patient data to systems that lack integration, it’s hard for pharmacies to get a complete picture. LexID® offers the industry-leading #UniversalPatientIdentifier  that helps improve #interoperability , patient safety, and cost.

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One of the biggest obstacles to emerging from lockdown is the complete lack of trust in media and Govt. People don’t know where to go to get and evaluate data and information that hasn’t been politicized and bastardized to make sound decisions. A pathetic state of affairs...

"That complete lack of hunger I experienced went right out the window after I started reincorporating carbs."

Covid-19 victim: Dominic Cummings' actions show a complete lack of respect for us all

It is now clear that under0testing was not just an initial step to conserve testing kits in short supply. It was quietly turned into a Covid-19 numbers management strategy. That explains Gujarat’s high death to cases ratio, as well as the complete lack of testing in slums.

A complete shutdown of restaurants, no fiscal stimulus from the government and most important - lack of consumer confidence, the road ahead for the F&B sector looks bleak, Shruti Mishra & @MeghaVishwanath  write.


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If you’re an ER doctor, a respiratory therapist, a nurse—how do you read this as anything other than a complete lack of caring.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner in the Complete Lack of Self-Awareness Contest. Please, no more entries.

Maridhas explains what he said in his video based on which an FIR has been registered via : The FIR registered s @pGurus1ows  complete lack of application of mind. Will not stand in any court: Swamy

My closing message to New Hampshire: I know you, I will fight for you. There is a complete lack of empathy in this guy in the White House and with your vote, I promise I will bring that back to you.

The WH statement tonight on Syria after Trump spoke with Erdogan demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of anything happening on the ground. The “United States” is not holding any ISIS detainees. They are all being held by the SDF, which Trump just served up to Turkey.

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This sham ceasefire does nothing to stop thousands of ISIS from prisoners from escaping, and shows the President’s complete lack of strategy to defeat ISIS.

Telling the person on the other end of the telephone that you have a pen, regardless of complete lack of pen

"I feel so enraged with the complete and utter lack of bravery to do the right thing for our country." Labour's Jess Phillips asks the Prime Minister if she will "do once what is best for the country, not what if best for any of us" and vote against a no-deal Brexit herself.

Whatever your views on brexit, surely you must agree that the complete lack of empathy on display here makes Rees-Mogg unfit for public office. A pontificating, unthinking, shallow man.