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“India is one of the fastest growing economies too. But that’s not going to make me complacent,” #NirmalaSitharaman  said #economy 

The U.K. has slashed carbon emissions by 42% since 1990. That's great, but its no time to be complacent: Britain is set to miss its future emissions targets by quite a margin

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Winnie_Byanyima: Enough with the complacent thinking. We can tax progressively, stop tax dodging and complement with aid. #SocialSpending  #IMFmeetings 

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We cannot become complacent as the epidemic of missing & murdered Native women continues to devastate members of the Yakama Nation and other tribal communities in WA & nationwide. I'll keep pushing at the federal level to help end this crisis. #MMIWG 

Hey what's this going to try it but it's not sweet I read your tweets you talk a lot of shit, and I fell in love with you any way xo Yea well you were like a lioness pretty accent kept me from being complacent thought u were going to be a nightmare, but shit you melted in my arms

The indexes are complacent. Owning stocks is not about comfort and security.

@madeleinebc  i feel like the past year has been a case study in what happens whej complacent politicians get their first taste of real competition

I am all for extinction rebellion “alienating” londoners, we’ve become complacentAmericanized fucks and frankly fuck that. And yes I know taking the tube is miserable anyways right about now, suck it up we’re trying to save a dying planet

England's Itoje says rugby cannot be complacent about racism

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It is a disease that has infected our system and is killing it. At the moment, we still have the wherewithal to fight back. But even those who recognize the dangers of this litany of crimes are proving too complacent, too inert in the face of this threat.

You can still become who God created you to be. The question is do you want it bad enough? Stir your passion up and make the decision, “I am not going to live complacent, passive, accepting mediocrity. I’m going to pursue what God put in my heart.”

Opinion: Don’t get complacent. Things really are that bad under Trump.

What’s annoying about complacentDemocrats who say ‘let’s beat him at the ballot box in 18 months, & not impeach now’ is they ignore the daily corrosion of democracy, & promotion of racism & fascism, by this president. Such Democrats either aren’t paying attention or don’t care.

I think that the Congi has won a battle and as a consequence will lose the war. Defeat of BJP in the recent Assembly election has woken up the complacent in our party. With defeat staring in our face, there is new determination to win the 2019 LS election.

saying 'shut up and accept it' because 'nothing will change' is frightening. always fight for what you believe in. never become complacent.

Intensifying hurricanes, wildfires, floods, droughts. Coral dies. Diseases spread. Seas rise. Earth begs for a restoration to health, or at least to minimize the decline. Future generations will damn the complicit and complacent. This is very much on the ballot in 2018.

You can’t be complacent and step into the fullness of what God has in store. Get your passion back.

You cannot be an ally & stay silent & complacent in the face oppression/hatred/murder. Interesting to see which "friends" remain silent

I'm going to bed at 9pm on New Year's Eve. Not celebrating shit. 2017 has to EARN us celebrating it. We made 2016 too complacent.