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🙌 Messi made his #UCL  debut 15 years ago today! He's done pretty well in the competition since... 😉

It’s @IrishRugby  flyer Jordan Conroy leading the @DHLRugby  Impact Player table, but only just 😬 Eight games left in the men’s competition. #DHLImpactPlayer  #DHLRugby 

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JUST IN: Renzo Mark Feliciano settles for the silver medal in the Men's Street Skateboardingcompetition! | via @psc_gov 

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Have you cast your vote yet? Here's our @carolkirkwood  to tell you more about our fantastic new Pic of the Season competition. How to vote, plus Ts&Cs and Privacy Notice here 👉

JUST IN: Raphael Enrico Mella, Dustin Jacob Mella, and Rodolfo Reyes Jr. win the gold medal in the Recognized Men's Poomsae event competition with of 8.483! #SEAGames2019  via @psc_gov 

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Hungary’s competition watchdog has fined #Facebook  1.2 billion forints ($4 million), its biggest fine to date, for misleading users by claiming its services were free.

JUST IN: Francis Casey Alcantara and Jeson Patrombon (Team PHI) - gold medalists in tennis men's doubles competition. Ruben Gonzales Jr. and Treat Huey (Team PHI) settled for silver. | via Rachelle Garcia#SEAGames2019  #ChasingTheDream  #WeWinAsOne  #ParaSaBayan 

The second Cup quarter-final of the men's competition here in Dubai, it's @nz7s  vs . @USARugby '>Th @USARugby  winner will play England in the semi-final. Follow it LIVE:

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MhMzyApqVw What are you going to do to stay ahead of the competition? We all are vying for the same eyeballs. Go to my LIKES page for how to information on marketing, Twitter, writing, etc. GiF via *kpak0123


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Hey guys quick announcement, I’ve decided to retire from the sport formally known as “Mixed Martial Art” today. I wish all my old colleagues well going forward in competition. I now join my former partners on this venture, already in retirement. Proper Pina Coladas on me fellas!

20 years ago today, @tonyhawk  landed the world’s first 900 on a skateboard! It took him 11 tries at the 1999 X Games. The competition was over, but TV producers told Hawk to keep trying.

Hello id like to order some competition please I don't have any

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We've seen your support for . We've listened. The lads have now been added to & just #BestFans2018urned  up the heat on the competition! 😱🙌😱 #OneDirectionBestFans 

Soooooo me and my Grandad Len won the competition of designing the new Donny away shirt. Pretty sick

When it comes to music we shouldn't be put up against eachother. Music isn't about competition it is about collaboration. It's a language

were launching a worldwide competition for you to come ! go to to find out how

Congratulations @meurauhl  on the #NEObiebermix  competition! @adidasNEOLabel  will use it as their official video!