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Slamming the state, #BJP  MP Shobha Karandlaje tweeted the "Keralacommunist govt have declared a war against Hindus of the state!"

There were 10.5 new births per thousand Chinese people in 2019, the lowest rate since the Communist Party established the People’s Republic of China in 1949. @Chao_Deng  @QiLiyan 

In '45 Red Army entered Warsaw and its forces stayed in PL for 48 years. This meant decades of communist oppression. Unless RU accepts its own difficult history, Europe would be under threat. Whitewashing Soviet crimes of the past is a threat for today. #liberationWITHOUTfreedom 

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With the preliminary US-China trade deal done, it's time to focus on "the Communist'>Chinese Communist Party’s subversion of democracy and human rights worldwide, using both homegrown and Western technology to do it."

#China ’s birth rate dropped last year to its lowest level since the Communist country was founded in 1949, adding to concerns that an ageing society and shrinking workforce will pile pressure on a slowing economy #BirthRate 

The Tribune’s front page on the day itself actually focused far more on a failed communist revolt in Germany, the Spartacist Uprising, and the death of famed revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg. By Jan. 17, 1919, Prohibition in the U.S. was a fait accompli.

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LR @RepMcCaul : "The Peace Corps’ decision to cut its ties with China is overdue, yet welcome news. U.S. taxpayer dollars should not be used to bolster Communist China through the Peace Corps, and I’m glad they no longer will.” Full Statement:

Tankies love war, they just want regimes with communist flags to be the conquerors.

In 2019, China's birthrate dropped to its lowest level since the beginning of communist rule 70 years ago

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Documentary film “You Come from Far Away,” currently touring the festival circuit, tells the story of a Jerusalem-borncommunist and writer Najati Sidqi — who, in the course of his political activism, saw his family — scatter across the globe


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Excellent to see @realDonaldTrump  #StandWithHongKong  & sign the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which includes my bill calling for reevaluating privileges for #HongKong  in light of encroachments on HK's autonomy by the Communist Party'>Chinese Communist Party.

China has detained up to a million Muslims, a campaign it calls a benevolent and routine effort against the pull of extremism. But 403 pages of Communist Party documents we obtained reveal how officials plotted to carry out a ruthless, coercive clampdown.

I guess the magazine, “Christianity Today,” is looking for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or those of the socialist/communist bent, to guard their religion. How about Sleepy Joe? The fact is, no President has ever done what I have done for Evangelicals, or religion itself!

- LeBron endorses Hillary - LeBron campaigns w/ Hillary - LeBron calls Trump supporters 'uneducated' - LeBron calls Trump a 'bum' & 'hateful' - LeBron attacks Trump on border wall *Mention Communist China atrocities* - LeBron 'We’re not politicians. It’s a political thing'

We will never be a Socialist or CommunistCountry. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE! It is your choice, and your choice alone. This is about love for America. Certain people HATE our Country....

Greatest GIF in human history. Trump demonstrates how all Americans should treat annoying, foreign, communist propagandists on our soil — ignore them. SHARE if you are also sick of the left abusing & brainwashing innocent children to use them as political props

We need to act on the tragedy unfolding in Hong Kong. Why is President Trump giving the Chinese Communist Party a free hand? @senatemajldr  McConnell: Why have you buried the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in your legislative graveyard?

The brave students & activists at #PolyU  represent the future of a democratic #HongKong . America stands with them, not police who are trying to crush this movement on behalf of the Communist Party'>Chinese Communist Party. We urge no use of lethal force. #StandWithHongKong 

Congress must pass the #HongKong  Human Rights & Democracy Act to support these brave protesters & send a message to Beijing that America will not stand for the Communist Party'>Chinese Communist Party attempting to crush this movement for basic rights. #StandWithHongKong 

This is coming from the guy who voted for the Communist Party USA candidate in 1976. Give me a break