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Seen at the Trump campaign yesterday, ahead of campaign communications aides meeting with the president, was Jason Miller, his 2008 comms adviser.

Judicial Watch announced it filed a FOIA lawsuit on behalf of @DailyCaller  against HHS for comms & other records of NIAID Director Anthony Fauci & Deputy Director H. Clifford Lane w/& about the WHO concerning the novel coronavirus. Read:

Comms professionals and journalists: Stable is not a medical condition. It’s an asterisk. You can been in serious or critical condition and still be stable.

Psyched to welcome to the @tech_eu  team miss Heini Järvinen@icebubbledesign ) who will be leading marketing and comms for us, and work on a new EU H2020 project (more on that later). Heini hails from Finland and joins us from @edri ; welcome aboard!

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ZoomInfo $ZI opens for trading at $40 after pricing its IPO at $ did trade as high as $42 (+100%) intraday so far. It's a cloud software company...has no relation to video conferencing company Comms'>Zoom Video Comms $ZM. @CNBC 

#ASX200 Sector update: Financials 4918 +1.67% Energy 8068 +1.32% Materials 13401 -0.05% Industrials 6034 -0.03% Cons. Discr 2418 -1% Cons. Staple 12283 +0.03% Health Care 41555 -2.49% Comms 1186 -0.89% Info Tech 1519 -1.78% Utilities 7753 -1.32% #asx  #ausbiz 

Fri plan, what’s left of it: Fried rice; laundry; shopping, Katoomba; in between, reply to your comms, listen to podcasts, and complain on Twitter. So, you know, normal.

@katebevan  @_captainscienceit 's good but 1) doesn't mention comms difficulties for deaf/lip reading people / folk with comms issues, and 2) chance of social dehiscence in response to perceived compliance / or not/ and shaming, and practical reality for folk without the resources....

After his meeting with political team in Oval, Trump met in Cabinet Room with about 20 comms aides from campaign, RNC, surrogate team--who tried to share some good news with him, I'm told. 1st time all met as one large group. Ronna McDaniel and Parscale were in both meetings.

Campaign comms director Tim Murtaugh walked Trump through comms strategies. Trump was told has been uptick in engagement from black voters after Biden’s "you ain't black.” Trump, getting hammered by George Floyd protesters, particularly interested in hearing about that, I’m told.


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Amid all the bots telling me to pipe down the messages I am enjoying most are those from inside government telling me to keep going. ‘However bad you think this lot are, it’s worse’, as a ‘source’ in civil service comms told me. Amazing those sources. They get everywhere

Congrats to @isro  on the launch of Chandrayaan 2, a mission to study the Moon. We're proud to support your mission comms using our Deep Space Network and look forward to what you learn about the lunar South pole where we will send astronauts on our #Artemis  mission in a few years

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Senior officer of Bhiwandi on record, on camera saying, on special train to Gorakhpur, passengers will be charged 800 rupees per fare. So instead of attacking those of us who have flagged need for #FreeMigrantTrains  and are doing our job, better to get comms system in order

Judicial Watch announced it received 382 pages of docs showing Rosenstein’s comms w/former Obama officials, including Eric Holder & info sharing w/the media in the days immediately surrounding the inception of the Mueller investigation. Read:

MORE THAN 100 PEOPLE called Maryland's emergency hotline asking about whether injecting or ingesting disinfectants could help cure Covid-19, according to Gov. LARRY HOGAN'S comms director @riccimike  via @playbookplus 

During 2019 the civil service mobilised for no-deal Brexit on March 29/April 12/October/31. Thousands moved out of their usual jobs into planning:to be stood down again each time. Government has spent £100m on comms campaign for October 31 Brexit. Total on Brexit: £6.3bn.(FT)

BREAKING: JW released 145 pages of Rosenstein’s comms that include an email from Rosenstein to Mueller stating, “The boss & his staff don't know about our discussions”& “off the record” emails w/media outlets around the date of Mueller’s appointment (1/3).

Let me get this straight. The big idea today in the WH comms shop was: "Just say you meant to say 'wouldn't'"? No one should be hired from here, ever.

I want to thank new comms director @Scaramucci  for making two things clear: 1) the worst leakers are in the Trump WH; and 2) #!!@дерьмо##!