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To all the trans folks currently serving in the military thank you for your service. I am sorry your "commander in chief" doesn't value it.
Today, it was my tremendous honor to visit Marine Helicopter Squadron One (HMX-1) at the Marine Corps Air Facility in Quantico, Virginia.

I am honored to serve as your Commander-in-Chief. On behalf of an entire Nation, THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service. We love you!
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Happy birthday to U.S. ARMY and our soldiers. Thank you for your bravery, sacrifices, & dedication. Proud to be your Commander-in-Chief!
Is our President ever going to get in front of a camera and talk to the nation, these families of lost ones, these frightened student survivors?? Stop hiding behind your Twitter account and be a damn Commander in Chief, PATHETIC...
Military rules and regulations allow trans people to serve their country. Even the commander-in-chief cannot change those via Twitter.
Great Army - Navy Game. Army wins 14 to 13 and brings home the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF’S TROPHY! Congratulations!
Indictment makes clear Russia is waging a virtual war against the United States. But with Trump focused on what it means for him, the American side of the war seems to be without a commander in chief.
.@realDonaldTrump has surrendered his constitutional responsibility as Commander-in-Chief by releasing Nunes’ unredacted, classified memo. His decision undermines our national security and is a bouquet to his friend Putin.
Honored to serve as Commander-in-Chief to the courageous men and women of our U.S. Armed Forces. A grateful nation thanks you!
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I have no greater privilege than to serve as your Commander-in-Chief. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the incredible men and women @USNavy!
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