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Hearing “I’m proud of you” from the right people is so comforting and motivating.
Teen Las Vegas shooting victim found President Trump's visit "comforting," telling reporters, "he wasn't who we see on social media."
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HEADLINER Chanyeol loves the good things: relaxed layers and music that’s comforting to listen to. Learn more:
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I love President Trump. He's compassionate and comforting. He is a uniter, not divider. He's looking for solutions to keep our students safe. #WeAreParkland #ParklandStudentsSpeak
As a student the most comforting words you'll ever hear are "I haven't started either"
i had a mould taken of my ear today it was like an alien pooping in my ear but in a strangely comforting way
Cora, the sweetest corgi, saw a man in an airport – and instantly knew he needed comforting 💕
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