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Donald Glover just became the first black person to win Outstanding Comedy Directing #Emmys
Donald Glover is the FIRST Black director to win Outstanding Director for a Comedy Series.

If the NBA Finals were a romantic comedy. 😂
Where was this kind of comedy last night?
#TheRoot100 honoree @hillmangrad is the first African-American woman to win for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series! 🗣WE SEE YOU!#Emmys
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For years I have wanted Comedy Central to roast me. They said only if I provided them w/ more material so for a year now I have worked hard
Comedy is hard. Acronyms Harder.
Best Drama.
Best Comedy.
Best Limited Series.
Best TV Movie.

Notice anything? #Emmys
Donald Glover is the FIRST African-American to win the Best Director #Emmy for a Comedy Series.
Watching the first inbetweeners movie again! Absolute genius comedy!
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