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Cycling world hits back after columnist says its ‘tempting’ to injure cyclists with wire traps |

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“We have become accustomed to videos of white people behaving badly in the age of coronavirus. But this video is of another magnitude entirely. It is white privilege personified as malicious, deliberate cruelty.” From columnist@AbcarianLAT :

A timeline of the drama between Chrissy Teigen and food columnistAlison Roman 👀:

From columnist@ejmontini : "We deserve better than a president who, in the midst of a pandemic that has killed nearly 100,000 Americans, takes time to smear a TV talk show host by way of a debunked conspiracy theory about the death of a 28-year-old woman."

In the UK, Johnson reaps what he sowed "Johnson and Cummings have taken a battering ram to Britain’s bonds of social solidarity" -- Pankaj Misra, noted author and political columnist, writes | #Johnson  #Cummings 

Atlanta columnist Bill Torpy on the rather tense divide that has developed between those who wear masks during this pandemic and those who don't.

COLUMNIST | Time for you to ‘move on’ Boris – into a court to face criminal charges (op-ed by Tommy Sheridan) @citizentommy  @BorisJohnson 

Escaping the chaos of the world we now live in, @KQEDarts  columnist@OGpenn  decided to find some serenity on a riverbank in Sacramento. But even only for a small break, it’s impossible to ignore the recent events that took place across the country.

Our columnist@gretchenrubin  shares 5 tips to create a better, more definitive workspace at home, like keeping some personal areas—like your bed or kitchen—off-limits while you work. #wfh 

The concept of harm reduction in response to the current pandemic is also valuable for another health issue – drug use, a guest columnist writes.


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ALL THE NEWS THAT’S NOT FIT TO PRINT! “The New York Times is no longer the paper we grew up with. It is no longer a news organization. It is now an agenda driven organization out to change the Country (for the worse!).” Michael Goodwin, Highly Respected New York Post Columnist.

Since my election, many trillions of dollars of worth has been created for our Country, and the Stock Market is up over 50%. If you followed the advice of the Failing New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, you’d be doing VERY poorly - you’d be angry and hurt. He never got it!

The President’s praise for MBS, the man who US intel says ordered or authorized the heinous murder of a WaPocolumnist & Saudi dissident, sends the wrong message to the world. It’s past time for Congress & the administration to impose sanctions for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

"Kobe Bryant is gone, and those are the hardest words I’ve ever had to write for this newspaper, and I still don’t believe them as I’m writing them," writes columnist@BillPlaschke . "This can’t be true."

Great idea. There was a respected Washington Postcolumnist who i would love to have investigate the matter but you killed him

“This is a history making moment. A K-pop band at the United Nations General Assembly”: ABC's and special guest , Billboards’ K-pop columnist, discuss global superstars , following their speech at . #UNGA 

Imagine being a political columnist who could write about literally any topic you wanted and, given everything going on in American politics these days, you decided to write about how a woman member of Congress used a swear word.

I still can’t get over this: #JamalKhashoggi  was a columnist for the !!! That could’ve been me or any number of other columnists. Would Trump just let a rich foreign monarch chop up our bodies and do nothing as well? I don’t know how this isn’t a full-stop moment!

Remember when out Secretary of State flew to Saudi Arabia to laugh and smile and shake hands with a man who'd just murdered a Washington Postcolumnist?