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Average annual govt borrowing (as % of gross domestic product): Period before Britain had fiscal rules (1948-1997): 2% Period since fiscal rules have been in place (1997-2020): 3.6% From my @thetimes  column today:

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There is nothing irrational about the coronavirus panic – it will change the world as we know it. My column via @TelegraphNews 

8 of the 10 most-read stories on WaPo right now are about coronavirus. The other 2 are the crossword and an advice column.

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Alain Vigneault, the man behind the #Flyers ’ success, deserves coach-of-year consideration. My column:

By the way, I'm looking for fresh offers, deals and discounts for next Tuesday's 'How To Save It' column in the Evening Standard. I'll be writing the column today if you have any news of bargains to send me...

Silverware or Premier League survival? This week’s Carracolumn on his disbelief some Villa fans would rather beat Manchester City this Sunday than stay up.

Good morning all. Website subscribers and free trial members: My latest Column'>Weekly Column, "Four Months, Three Kings", has been posted.

Column: Tonawanda clan traveling to Vegas for Sabres game in honor of late brother

@EFFSouthAfrica  @ATMovement_SAM  #EFFEskomMarchalema  is now addressing marchers. He says Pravin Gordhan's name is Jamnadas. This is in reference to a Daily Maverickcolumn which said the party calling him that has racist undertones. EN


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Thank you to @mirandadevine  of the New York Post for your interesting (and correct) column today. “Trump has gained 20 points since Impeachment began in October. He gets 67% on economy. Nonwhite approval of Trump is also at a high: 28%, up 10 points in a year. Nice one, Nancy.”

Watch how radically taxes on the wealthy have fallen over the past 70 years: (Full column: )

I found the words. My piece for the @TheAtlantic  on @kobebryant . Hardest column I’ve ever written and I cried through most of it

*NEW: Forget the pathetic two-faced liberal bleating - President@realDonaldTrump  was absolutely right to take out #Soleimani  ... My column:

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LOOK: Taal Volcano spewing a giant ash column after the phreatic explosion recorded at 1:00 p.m. Video courtesy: Danny Ocampo

Just read the best Maureen Dowdcolumn, in the New York Times, EVER (although she treated me great before politics), but it was written by her brother, Kevin. Someone in the News Media should hire her wonderful, talented, and very smart brother!

Boris Johnson's column in The Telegraph that the cure to mental health problems is work, is honestly the most arrogant, incorrect, upsetting piece of trash I have read in a long time. As someone who lost a loved one to depression, I cannot say this clearly enough: fuck you.

A must read, Andy McCarthy’s column today, “Dirty dealings of dirt devils who concocted Trump-Russia probe.” The greatest Scam in political history. If the Mainstream Media were honest, which they are not, this story would be bigger and more important than Watergate. Someday!

This column may break the record for the number of falsehoods from a President ever published in a newspaper op-Ed. Just this tweet alone is false - “outlaw private health care plans” and “letting anyone cross our border” Huh? Fact check: false and false. Come on USA Today.