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"It is everywhere..."

@GordonRamsay personally tests his staff toilets for cocaine.

#GordonOnCocaine Tonight 9pm @ITV
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Women releases video of Miami Dolphins OL coach Chris Foerster snorting cocaine. #NSFW
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Resort offers guests copious amounts of cocaine, alcohol and 'unlimited sex'
BREAKING: UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has entered a drug rehab facility after testing positive for cocaine. (via @YahooSports)
Advice for those on X Factor this year; do not tell the producers you like cocaine. You'll just end up on big brother.
Police seize Vatican car carrying four kilos of cocaine worth £150,000:
Night shift manager at a McDonald's in the Bronx charged with selling cocaine to an undercover officer
I did NOT get my cocaine from Tulisa.
WikiLeaks: Clinton campaign push-polled 'Muslim' attacks on Obama and cocaine use
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