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@billboard 10 months
bts become coca cola spokesmen ahead of this year s fifa world cup
BTS become Coca-Cola spokesmen ahead of this year's FIFA World Cup
@allkpop 10 months
bts is now the new face of coca cola
BTS is now the new face of 'Coca-Cola'
Chelsea Handler
coca cola is supposedly considering cannabis infused drinks just a reminder there are still people in prison b
Coca-Cola is supposedly considering cannabis-infused drinks. Just a reminder: there are still people in prison because of marijuana. Let’s address that first.
Gov. Mike Huckabee
breaking wind from cnn sen cory booker says he will release the secret formula for coca cola and is willing to
Breaking wind from CNN! Sen. Cory Booker says he will release the secret formula for Coca-Cola and is willing to be thrown out of Atlanta, GA if that's what it takes! #Spartacus
Dana Loesch
@DLoesch 11 months
just an fyi but this means boycotting twitter facebook coca cola pepsi atampt mcdonalds netflix amazon microso
Just an FYI, but this means boycotting Twitter, Facebook, Coca Cola, Pepsi, AT&T, McDonald’s, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson, Starbucks, Costco, Nike, and more.
@allkpop 10 months
bts releases b cuts for their coca cola campaign
BTS releases b-cuts for their 'Coca Cola' campaign
Louis Tomlinson
in case anyone was wondering coca cola isn t meant for your eyes
In case anyone was wondering coca cola isn't meant for your eyes ...
@allkpop 8 months
coca cola to release a special package with bts members
'Coca-Cola' to release a special package with BTS members
Yonhap News Agency
coca cola taps bts as new representative
Coca-Cola taps BTS as new representative
The Int'l Spectator
year founded nando s 1987 starbucks 1971 wendy s 1968 subway 1965 taco bell 1962 pizza hut 1958 burger king 19
Year founded.

Nando's: 1987
Starbucks: 1971
Wendy's: 1968
Subway: 1965
Taco Bell: 1962
Pizza Hut: 1958
Burger King: 1953
Ferrero: 1946
McDonald's: 1940
KFC: 1930
Danone: 1919
Mars: 1911
PepsiCo: 1898
Hershey Company: 1894
Coca-Cola: 1892
Heinz: 1869
Nestle: 1866
Cadbury: 1824
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