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Oh. Saving yourself for the right guy? Well, yes I am. You're not going to be scared, are you? No, I'm going to scream my head off & all the neighbors are going to think someone is getting murdered, now can you handle that? For sure, I rode some wild ponies before~Bonnie & Clyde

NS: "With independence, we can - and we will - get rid of Trident nuclear missiles from the Clyde once and for all. "And here’s another idea for saving some cash: the House of Lords ... with independence we won’t have to contribute a single penny towards it. " #SNP19 

Just look at these little girls all cozy in their parkas. Sisters smiling near Clyde River, Nunavut. | @CBCNorth  📸: Kristy Arreak's beautiful daughters

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"My best friend is an imaginary eight-foot bullfrog named Clyde. He has interesting views on trade and the climate crisis. He also pays for my lunch every day. Thank you." #DemocraticDebate 

See Bonnie I told you that we were going places xo yes Clyde I adore you, and this is where it all began. And by the way, you smell nice let's go skinny dipping tonight ooo you always know what to say. RT welcomet0nature How romantic 😍 Rt BerryYNWA

OPINION: Chinese commodity imports stay robust, but caution warranted — Clyde Russell

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"Nuclear weapons are immoral but they are also a massive waste of money. With independence we can, and we will, get rid of Trident nuclear missiles from the Clyde once and for all" @NicolaSturgeon  #SNP19 


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Twenty-seven years ago today, the "Dream Team"—featuring NBA players for the first time—won gold at the '92 Olympics The 🐐 team: Magic Charles Barkley Chris Mullin John Stockton Karl Malone Clyde MJ Scottie Pippen Larry Bird Patrick Ewing Christian Laettner David Robinson

Clyde Frazier criticizes LeBron for not being “part of the team” and says “he doesn’t really care” 😳

Thank u @gucci1017  we got a moon mannn ayyye! But when u & @KeyshiaKaoir  came out .. it was like BONNIE & CLYDE just walked in! #TheWopsters 

Feb 18, 1930, Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. The little ice-ball is so far away, it has barely finished 1/3 of its 248-year orbit around the Sun

Kobe's top 5 players he's faced (no order): •MJ •ClydeDrexler •Kevin Durant •LeBron •Olajuwon (via @BaxterHolmes )

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According to Clyde Drexler, the superteam is nothing new.

Obama may be a weak and pathetic ideologue, but the Clintons are like Bonnie and Clyde, running their rackets since…

7 yrs in the making, artist Andy Scott's Kelpies are now towering over the Forth & Clyde canal in Falkirk, Scotland

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