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Sending all the Birthday love to @dinahjane97 ! Welcome to the 21 club! Stay fierce 🔥 #HappyBirthdayDinah
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South Korean official response: “We are attempting to make sense of what, precisely, President Trump means.”

Welcome to the fucking club.
flower boy being gold is awesome to me cause i have no regular radio play, not in the club, no viral song or hit that was so big it counted towards it, which means (for the most part) the actual album/body of work is receiving this accolade plus im fire so stank you smelly mucho
Everybody complaining about Trump but club penguin is shutting down so maybe check your priorities?
There's no better time than the holiday season to reach out and give back to our communities. Great to hear from young people at the Boys & Girls Club in DC today.
So you can get a shit picture of me walking into a nite club that you'll get 10 quid ... You do nothin for me , so you get out of the way
Dear @realDonaldTrump,

While you tweet from your golf club, the Mayor of San Juan is saving lives. You've done NOTHING.

The definition of "poor leadership" is sitting at your golf club while millions of US citizens beg for your help, @realDonaldTrump.
Liverpool Football Club can confirm they have reached an agreement with Southampton for the transfer of Virgil van Dijk.

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