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Yawn in the club to see who's checkin you out.
Everybody complaining about Trump but club penguin is shutting down so maybe check your priorities?
First of all i want to thank God for this opportunity. Delighted and blessed to be part of the greatest club in the world @ManUtd
So you can get a shit picture of me walking into a nite club that you'll get 10 quid ... You do nothin for me , so you get out of the way
I had some amazing years in Istanbul. I really love this club, the city and the fans. Thank you all for everything ❤️#Cimbom #Galatasaray
"yabby dabby do," Flintstone whispered, violently dabbing left and right, tears filling his eyes in the crowded club.
Our lads, our team, our Club-@htafcdotcom Welcome to the Premiership, you marvels.
Also , can't say I've ever been so nervous in my life than when Rory handed me that golf club, horrendous shot!
Congrats to my former club @realmadrid 🏆⚽️ #UCLfinal
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