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📢 CLUB UPDATE 🦠 COVID-19 💪 Bouncing back stronger 🗣 Weekly communication Q&A 👉 Email sign-up 👉 Thank you for your continued support. 🍒 Full statement 👇 #WeAreGloucesterRugby 

Club statement regarding the conclusion of the 2019/20 @BarclaysFAWSL  season.

National Press Club@PressClubDC ) and @NPCInstitute  statement regarding the on-air arrest of CNN's reporter and crew:

The Premier League club announced Ron Smith's death yesterday in a statement reading: "The Aston Villa Family are saddened to announce that Ron Smith, the father of our current Head Coach Dean, has passed away at the age of 79" @itvfootball 

Sierra Club’s Statement on the United States Surpassing 100,000 Deaths from COVID-19

Fulham say two players tested positive for Covid-19. “Both players, who shall remain unnamed due to medical confidentiality, are now self-isolating in line with league and government guidance,” the west London club said in a statement.

"Our hope, like so many of us in Las Vegas, is that this era will end soon so that we can return our team to work.," said the club's official statement

Trump reportedly headed to his Virginia golf club once again just days after he made a brief press statement demanding that houses of worship be opened “right now for this weekend” during the coronavirus pandemic