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Longest UN climate talks end with no deal on carbon markets (from @AP ) #ClimateCrisis  #climatetalks 

Countries blocking progress at crunch UN climate talks: #COP25  #ClimateCrisis 

UN chief @antonioguterres  warns against 'survival of the richest' on climate: #COP25  #ClimateCrisis 

Editorial: The UI’s climate-crisis declaration means nothing without real, transformational change.

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis  Climate change: Greenland ice melt 'is accelerating' - worst case scenario

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis  See how global warming has changed the world since your childhood


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The #ClimateCrisis  is a health crisis. This is an emergency. We need governments to act. Lives depend on it.

We have the solutions. We have the will. Now we need the leadership. #climatecrisis 

Because today's activists are tomorrow's leaders! #climatecrisis 

The planet is sounding all sorts of alarms, and the effects of the #climatecrisis  are only the loudest

Bananas as we know it may be gone for good! 🍌😲 #ClimateCrisis 

This much melting this early in the summer can only mean one thing: #ClimateCrisis