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I've been noticing how closely the right-wing response to Covid-19 mirrors climate-change denial, albeit on a vastly accelerated time scale. So I wrote up some thoughts about why.

SATURDAY is #EarthHour  let’s all commit to turning it off 💕 #climatechange 

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Want to know more about how #coronavirus  will impact #climatechange ? Send us your question!

Climate change set to make extreme heat more common - and costly #climatechange  #weather  #environment  #health 

Start with Common Ground on Climate-Change Policy | via @jordanmcgillis 

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As #climatechange  messes with temperature and precipitation, California newts suffer @SciReports 


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Earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes — traditionally “Acts of God” on Insurance Forms. But as climate-change continues, and coastal flooding from hurricanes worsens, the Forms might now include “Acts of Humans”.

In Opinion Richard Flanagan writes, "Today, Australia is the world’s largest exporter of both coal and gas. It recently was ranked 57th out of 57 countries on climate-change action."

“This is about our lives...This should not be partisan.” @AOC  #EnvironmentalJustice  #ClimateChange 

#ClimateChange action starts w/ electing leaders who'll make brave & vital changes needed to save our planet. Visit

#ClimateChange is real. Scientists agree. Get the facts. #climatefacts 

This is so upsetting. The climate-change protestors were, according to the police and friends who were there, wholly peaceful. Why on earth does Field react with such ferocity? The violence of his intervention is quite wrong.

Meet the owner of Coachella. He's supported anti-gay groups and climate-change deniers.

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#ClimateChange is real. Learn more about the causes, impacts & solutions by visiting :

Retweet if you agree: It's time for Congress to stop denying the science on #climatechange .