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I just spoke at @ACWAWater 's annual conference in Washington. As Californians face the consequences of man-made climate change, we must make forward-looking investments to upgrade our outdated water infrastructure and meet our state’s future needs.

Why do our brains tune out of climate change talk - and what can we do about it? That's the big question that climate psychologist Per Espen Stoknes asked at last week's #CanAdapt2020  conference, hosted by @FraserBasin .

Decarbonizing portfolios is an issue at the top of investors’ minds. Leaders across our firm are discussing carbon-light investing and climate change solutions today at Morgan Stanley Investment Management’s Ideas conference.

G-20 finance chiefs haggled over climate change and proposals for a global tax regime, as the conference is overshadowed by coronavirus

The conference aims to bring together government representatives, industrialists, politicians, urban planners, academicians, social and environmental scientists and environmentalists to examine the impact of climate change.

BLOG: "After a disappointing 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference, there is a need to restore confidence that the intergovernmental process can deliver on mitigation, adaptation, and finance." #COP25 

When the City of Regina booked Patrick Moore for a sustainability conference, his listed discussion topic was “energy and sustainability – debunk of climate change."

When the City of Regina booked Patrick Moore for a sustainability conference, his listed discussion topic was “energy and sustainability – debunk of climate change."

"The UN Climate Change Conference in November is due to be held in Glasgow but there is talk of shifting it to Birmingham because of soaring policing costs. Here's a better idea. Hold it in cyberspace."

‘Bleak irony’ as youth climate change conference cancelled due to extreme weather


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His admin produces a report on the devastating impacts of climate change but sides with Russia and Saudi Arabia against a global report on cutting emissions? What?! Pompeo & U.S. reps at UN Conference must reverse this terrible decision.

Members of our delegation to COP25 are discussing our key takeaways from our visit to the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, Spain.

"Climate change is not the concern of just one or two nations. It is an issue that affects the whole of humanity and every living being on this earth." (From HHDL's Message to Delegates to the COP24 UN Climate Conference )

Speaker Pelosi at a climate change conference in Madrid: "We aren't here to talk about impeachment or the President of the United States. ... When we travel abroad we don't talk about the President in a negative way and we save that for home"

At the end of the news conference I asked Trump whether he believed in climate change. He walked away from the stage and didn’t answer the question.

"The world's people have spoken... time is running out." Sir David Attenborough encourages world leaders at the UN Conference in Poland to "act now" against climate change.

"I might feel a bit sea sick and it's not going to be comfortable" Climate change activist Greta Thunberg will spend two weeks travelling across the North Atlantic on a boat to attend a crucial climate change conference in New York [tap to expand]

At a Capitol news conference, Rep.-elect Ocasio-Cortez spoke of a push to make climate change a priority for the next Congress and the role of young Latinos in that effort.

EXCLUSIVE (and big!): Google, Facebook, and Microsoft sponsored a right-wing conference that promoted climate change denial.

"Blatant censorship": The EPA has cancelled three scheduled conference talks by its scientists about climate change