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Clever move by Corbyn here - and a real pickle for rival parties. Swinson is dismissing this offer even though it would stop no-deal and offers a route to a referendum.

The government of national unity war game is all very fun and clever but it really does suggest that its architects know nothing at all about the Labour party. Why is it in Corbyn's interests to put Clarke or Lidington in Number 10, even for a short period?

"Boris v Corbyn would be John Bull vs John Ball." Just cut that from a column - almost no one knows who John Ball is but I want to put it on the record cos I think its clever.

Agent Williamson, Chris Williamson - secret weapon presumably planted by the departing Labour moderates - on making Corbyn look bad again. Such clever politics this.

"Corbyn has always had the reputation for being a rather joyless, not particularly clever, old-school socialist."

“Lab are behind in the polls, useless!” : Lie. “Lab can’t win an election under Corbyn” : Lie” “Corbyn will...” (insert evil thing) : Lie “Lab Deal impossible/same as May’s” : Lie. “Lab are total idiots” : Lie. If we turn out to be clever and win, the country might implode.

Jeremy Corbyn's "move towards a second referendum" is clever politics for Labour. But for the People’s Vote campaign, it’s mostly bad news, writes

The PM might have been a bit too clever when attacking Corbyn’s opposition to her Brexit deal, reports Robert Peston:

Corbyn specialising in clever debating-club Qs that conceal Labour’s Brexit contradictions #PMQs 


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Orban is a clever anti-Semite. Corbyn is a stupid one

Orban is a clever anti-Semite. Corbyn is a stupid one

‘We have to challenge the culture there is something clever about avoiding tax’ - Says Corbyn

No debate on Brexit at labour conference. Corbyn is such a clever brexiteer. Absolute boy, is that what they say?

Clever of Corbyn to produce those leaked texts on Surrey's decision to call off the "R" (he presumes it means referendum). PM no answer