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"The right honorable Gentleman is one of those brilliant and erratic geniuses who, when he sees clearly, sees very, very clearly; and sometimes he does not." - Clement Attlee on Winston Churchill, in the House of Commons, March 1934

"Let's remember, (Winston) Churchill won the war but the people turned to (Clement) Attlee after it."

Just as Clement Attlee was happy to support Winston Churchill in the nation’s time of need, I and others can do likewise with Boris Johnson as the UK Government wages war on the coronavirus, writes @KennyMacAskill .

Clement Attlee brought Labour out of socialist wilderness into the mainstream. Could Keir Starmer do the same?

Or maybe American Duterte vs American Clement Attlee

The author Michael Morpurgo talks re-runs of Would I Lie To You?, Clement Attlee and getting advice from Ted Hughes.

From Clement Attlee backing gay rights to Labour repealing anti-gay laws, legalising abortion and introducing anti-discrimination legislation, the party has a proud tradition of defending minorities. Ignore the siren voices who want to abandon it

Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular leader of the past century among Labour members (partly because a quarter don’t seem to know who Clement Attlee is) Corbyn 71% favourable view Miliband 70% Smith 67% Attlee 66% Brown 65% Wilson 62% Blair 37%

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What do Labour Party members think of the records of Jeremy Corbyn, Clement Attlee and Tony Blair? @afneil  looks at the findings as he opens #andrewneilshow 

Clement Attlee lived in @ToynbeeHall  in the early C20th and formed his principles there. He went on to be President of Toynbee (& Earl & PM) so we shall be raising our #tea  to his memory today. #history 

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For those right-wing Labour MPs, such as or , who angrily denied that Clement Attlee's Labour published a centenary edition of The Communist Manifesto which acknowledged Marx and Engels' influence on Labour: consider this a school day.

"Charity is a cold grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim." - Clement Attlee#HappyBirthdayNHS 

Clement Attlee’s Labour Party issued a special centenary edition of The Communist Manifesto in 1948, always worth reading up on history before pressing Send on what you think is a gotcha tweet but is actually a display of your own ignorance

The case for Brexit was ably made by Clement Attlee in 1952. “Britain is something more than a European country; it’s a link between many countries in many continents. I do not believe that Britain can federate with continental Europe.”

Britain's huge potential has been held back for a generation by market fundamentalism. Like Clement Attlee in 1945, Labour's vision should be to bring the country into the future.

"To me, Jeremy Corbyn reminds me of Clement Attlee in 1945." The writer and activist, Harry Leslie Smith, who has died at 95, told us in 2015 why he wanted Jeremy Corbyn to become Labour leader.

Favourite story of the day: Clement Attlee took in kindertransport child but never publicised it, the boy reveals for the first time (he's now 90)

A moving story about former Labour Prime Minister Clement Attlee whose family, like many others, took in a child escaping the horrors of Nazi Germany. It's 80 years since the Kindertransport, a historic rescue mission which still humbles and inspires us.

May (60), Corbyn (68) & Cable (74) would be oldest party leaders since April 1955 when Churchill (80), Attlee (72) & Clement Davies (71)