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Our fans support really has been a different class ! Huge love to you guys !!
BREAKING: As first reported by @espn, D-Generation X are the first inductees in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2019.
The average tax refund is down about $170 compared to last year. Let’s call the President’s tax cut what it is: a middle-class tax hike to line the pockets of already wealthy corporations and the 1%.
Meme culture is just that guy in middle school who says your joke a little louder and the whole class laughs.
. is a great family man, incredible ballplayer, gives back to his community, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He’s a world class athlete and a class act. We need more like him in this world.
🤣 Imagine the scene...

For weeks you have taught your class how a caterpillar 🐛 becomes a butterfly 🦋 by nurturing one in your classroom...

You go outside to release the butterfly into the world and inspire the children with the wonders of nature... then this happens...
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compare and contrast the media: Covington v Smollett. That should be a class taught somewhere.
Congratulations to Drew Brees on the all time passing record. Always a class act.
Amazon made $16.8 billion in profits over the past two years but have paid ZERO in federal income taxes. In fact it got a $269 million tax refund.

Our job: Demand large corporations pay their fair share in taxes so that we can rebuild the disappearing middle class.
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