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The great Andrew Breitbart was actually a strong leftist & was redpilled by the spectacle of Clarence Thomas when he went through the Kavanaugh treatment by Dems. Congratulations Democrats, you just created a whole new generation of Andrew Breitbart's. Goodluck!

Orrin Hatch to Fox Nation: Joe Biden Didn't Believe Anita Hill Allegations During Clarence Thomas Hearings

Seriously, when you’re the guy who let Clarence Thomas’s nomination move forward, maybe you should be out front on Kavanaugh? Just saying.

Orrin Hatch: Joe Biden told me he 'didn't believe' Anita Hill during Clarence Thomas hearings #FoxNews 

How Clarence Thomas went from black nationalist to the most conservative member of the Supreme Court.

Meghan McCain gets fact-checked on new Kavanaugh accuser — and asks if Clarence Thomas got impeached

How Clarence Thomas went from black nationalist to the most conservative member of the Supreme Court.

Clarence Thomas has outsized impact on American life. But because of his position, he is also isolated from the type of questioning and criticism we might otherwise give to a political figure

Former White House chief of staff: Biden was 'confused' when leading Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings - Kerry Picket

Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 5: The ‘Canceling Clarence Thomas (Again)’ Edition


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Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, shared images of black people who had allegedly left the Democratic Party. They were actually models in royalty-free stock photos.

Dear Clarence Thomas, A fetus is not a child. If you wish to discuss medical care you need to use grown ass medical words. Dr. Jen Gunter.

Happy Birthday to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a friend and great man!

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Just like Clarence Thomas, I hope Brett Kavanaugh remembers over his long tenure on SCOTUS what the left tried to do to him #DirtyRottenScoundrels 

Congress isn’t the only branch for sale. Clarence Thomas'>Justice Clarence Thomas attended a fancy Koch Brothers retreat, paid for by right-wing lawyers – & accidentally “omitted” his wife’s work as a lobbyist on his financial disclosures... for 6 years. #EndCorruptionNow 

Fact check: The FBI can investigate Dr. Blasey Ford’s allegations as part of its background investigation – that is their job. To say otherwise is FALSE. It investigated Anita Hill’s allegations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas. It should investigate this too.

In 1991, the FBI reopened a background investigation. Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas were interviewed. Every day more people came forward claiming firsthand knowledge of the events. It’s time for the FBI to do the same today. Why are Republicans resisting an investigation?