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President Trump has repeated his claim that California "admitted" there were "a million" illegal votes in the 2016 presidential election. Pants on Fire!

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“He has spent most of his political lifetime supporting the IRA.” Boris Johnson responds to Jeremy Corbyn's claim that the PM's Brexit deal would "damage" Northern Ireland.

Fact Checker: Trump and Mulvaney’s claim that corruption concerns held up Ukraine aid

Despite Google's claim about reaching quantum supremacy, quantum computers are still at the start of a long and unpredictable journey.

#SOON: President Trump to claim "big success" in Syria. WATCH LIVE >>

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I'd also love to hear from some campaign experts on the claim that unfettered advertising is a leveling factor that helps challengers & lesser-known candidates. Seems at least equally likely it favors incumbents with their built-in fundraising advantage

New testimony undercuts Trump’s claim of no quid pro quo on Ukraine. How will Washington respond?

AOC 'Joker' Stairs are a Bronx Classic ... Tourists Can't Claim It!!! Any thoughts on this?


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When I looked up to the sky and jokingly said “I am the chosen one,” at a press conference two days ago, referring to taking on Trade with China, little did I realize that the media would claim that I had a “Messiah complex.” They knew I was kidding, being sarcastic, and just....

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters Thursday his controversial July call with President Trump involved no bribe, blackmail or quid pro quo, as impeachment-minded Democratsclaim.” This should immediately end the talk of impeachment!

“When your making an unsubstantiated statement that the President is making a claim having to do with quid pro quo, this witness has blown a big hole into that statement. The Ambassador put a dagger in the heart of Schiffs fairytale.” Rep. Lee Zeldin

The media is calling a sworn statement from a Ukrainian prosecutor a conspiracy theory But they call second hand information from a "whistleblower" a credible claim Go fuck yourselves I'm sick of this insane game

Some people claim the Sistine Chapel is the peak of human made beauty. Wrong. It’s Viennetta being made:

I don't ever claim to be a good person I'm not. But I feel that I wanna be a humanitarian with all of this (cont)

Two @nytimes  reporters, @rpogrebin  and @KateKellyCNBC , spent months independently reporting out Deborah Ramirez’s allegation against Brett Kavanaugh and found it credible—and documented another serious claim of misconduct with an eyewitness:

The WTO is BROKEN when the world’s RICHEST countries claim to be developing countries to avoid WTO rules and get special treatment. NO more!!! Today I directed the U.S. Trade Representative to take action so that countries stop CHEATING the system at the expense of the USA!

Just won lawsuit filed by the DNC and a bunch of Democrat crazies trying to claim the Trump Campaign (and others), colluded with Russia. They haven’t figured out that this was an excuse for them losing the election!

We have deleted a tweet about President Trump's claim that the U.S. is the only country that grants birthright citizenship because it failed to note that his statement was incorrect.