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African American churches have provided spiritual and practical support for civil rights advocates. Explore the intersection of faith and activism on our blog, Religion and Black Power: #gODTalk  #BlackFaith  #APeoplesJourney 

A black student forced to color in his hair design with a SHARPIE. His parents just filed a civil rights lawsuit against the school district and 3 school officials claiming racism. We’re talking about this one coming up on #MorningRushATL 

“When you see people come, make T-shirts and bags and profit and then leave … it takes a toll.” The families of civil rights icons like Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Emmett Till and Fred Hampton find themselves having to both promote and protect their legacies

Muslim civil rights group joins call to ban sale of Confederate flag at Ohio county fair

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One of the key goals of the civil rights movement in the 1970s was to extend homeownership to black families. It was a complex endeavor which broke down in the late 1990s and then collapsed in the crisis. Here's @MattBruenig 

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Jackson is a city overflowing with history—civil-war history, civil-rights history, prehistory and much more. These are some of its best museums and historic landmarks to visit. #JXN  #JFP  #Jackpedia 

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"The Onslaught on Civil Rights" is the theme of today's Citizens' Press conference. This is the 5th press conference held by Hong Kong protesters #HongKongProtests  #香港

The Rev. St. George I.B. Crosse III was an outspoken conservative pastor and civil rights activist who was the first African American to run for Baltimore sheriff and who served as an adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

Supreme Court to decide if LGBTQ workers are protected by US civil rights law

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FSU prof launches app on history of civil rights icon Emmett Till


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This moment in our history reminds me of covering the Civil Rights movement. Sometimes there is a right and a wrong. It is the job of the journalist to not distort or hide that truth.

We lost two great Americans today – Frank Robinson and John Dingell – citizens who inspired me and so many others by leading on the civil rights issues of our time, opening doors to others, and leaving it all on the field.

Russia was able to influence our election because they figured out that racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, and transphobia are America’s Achilles heel. These issues aren’t only civil rights — they’re also a matter of national security. We have to deal with that.

@RepCummings  is a champion in the Congress and the country for civil rights and economic justice, a beloved leader in Baltimore, and deeply valued colleague. We all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast leadership. #ElijahCummingsIsAPatriot 

What does it say about the modern-day Democrat Party that and seem more concerned about giving mass murderers like the Boston Marathon Bomber voting rights, than protecting the civil rights of law abiding American citizens who legally own guns?

He fought for civil rights with Martin Luther King. Very honored to have by my side in the streets of Washington.

When a baby is born it is an American citizen. Infanticide is therefore an act of murder. The federal government should protect thr civil right of American babies by prosecuting any one committing infanticide for murder under civil rights statutes

This woman is not a footnote in history. Her 1944 rape by white thugs is a CRITICAL part of the fight for civil rights in America. Read her story please. And know her name. Mrs. Recy Taylor. A beautiful warrior. May she rest in peace and power.

Trump disrespects minorities, lifts up white nationalists, demeans women & every day finds a way to undermine civil rights. He is deplorable

Fuck this white supremacist nonsense. The FBI, trying to crush black civil rights movements for decades.