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Important reporting by @reporterdavidj : Education "deserts" are home to Michigan’s poorest counties, caught in a vicious circle — no easy access to education past high school, no highly trained workforce, no reason for businesses to locate there.

Impeachment inquiry ensnares Trump’s inner circle, Bolton and Mulvaney.

Prime residential locations along the northern portion appear to run from Ratchayothin intersection to Lak Si circle. #MRT  #Bangkok  #condo  #TheNationThailand 

As wait for white smoke from Brussels (or not), @MaryERegan  & @ConorWilson’s primer on challenge of squaring a circle good reminder of stakes: Customs Union & #Brexit  red lines “Explained by” @RTE_PrimeTime . @RTept 

🚇⚠️ No Circle Line clockwise. Minor delays anticlockwise. • Central Line still has severe delays White City to West Ruislip / Ealing BroadwayMetropolitan Line has severe delays Baker Street to Aldgate [ro]

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🚇Central Line: severe delays White City to West Ruislip / Ealing Broadway Circle Line: severe delays clockwise (minor anti) Met Line: severe delays Baker Street to Aldgate (minor rest) H&C: minor delays eastbound TFL Rail: minor delays in out of Liverpool Street [ro]

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🚇 More tube issues: • Central: severe delays westbound • Person Ill on a train: Metropolitan: severe delays Baker Street to Aldgate. Circle + Hammersmith & City minor delays 🚄 TfL Rail: Severe delays Shenfield to Liverpool Street ⛴️ Woolwich Ferry: no service [ro]

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A very small circle of people know exactly what is being proposed by the UK in the Brexit negotiations but some clear patterns are emerging

“Father and son seem bemused with each other throughout their lives. They circle each other. They want to get to know each other more.” Chris Johnston@mrcjohnston ) understands my book Romany and Tom better than I do myself → What I’m Reading


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Keep good energy in your circle..🦅

Crazy how life comes full circle!! Blessed 🙏🏾 #Year15 

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October 5, 2017: Alex Bregman homered October 5, 2018: Alex Bregman homered October 5, 2019: Alex Bregman homered Time is a flat circle. 🤯

That Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to take the coward’s way out & deny justice to his victims is a DISGRACE. Pedophiles deserve the Circle'>Ninth Circle of Hell, but not before a full accounting. Everyone complicit should be held responsible. How the hell did fed prison let this happen?

Watching the media circle the wagons and desperately try to defend the Biden family for things they try to kill my family for is pretty amazing.

“The action (the Strzok firing) was a decisive step in the right direction in correcting the wrongs committed by what has been described as Comey’s skinny inner circle.” Chris Swecker, former FBI Assistant Director.

Not that anybody asked, but ' 130-Billion dollars, laid end-to-end, can circleEarth 200 times then reach the Moon & back 15 times then, with what’s left over, circle Earth another 8 times.

Another strike against Treasury Sec. Mnuchin. Sears sued Mnuchin, claiming that he was among the board members who helped the CEO strip Sears of $2 BILLION in assets. Wow! Trump, his cabinet, & his inner circle show up in so many fraudulent efforts! Are they all crooks?

87°F just south of the Arctic Circle in Finland today. Folks, you may think that this is not normal and you'd be right

Why dontcha circle back to the house... meet ya in 10