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Cipollone should resign from #TrumpDefense  and lawyerup for a Bar ethics hearing. #ImpeachmentTrial  #Cippolone 

Cippolone upholds the old adage: a man who's his own lawyer has a fool for a client.

Here’s Adam Schiff going in on Cippolone after this morning’s new revalations from Bolton’s book in the NYT

According to Bolton’s book, Cippolone'>Pat Cippolone was IN THE MEETING where Trump told Bolton to get Zelensky to meet with Rudy!!

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All things considered, I prefer Philbin's calm mendacity to the manic lying of the other White House lawyers. I feel like Philbin would quietly shoot me in the back of the head. Cippolone would hack me to pieces with a dull ax.

"Calumny in dulcet tones," said Cippolone, pronouncing the word as kah-luhm-nee

"That is the most massive election interference in our history. That is domestic election interference" President Trump's White House Counsel PatCippolone on what the Democrats have proposed with a - so far - partisan impeachment effort

@RepAdamSchiff : "Don't wait for the book." He plays video of Cippolone saying the House managers should give you all the facts: "They should give you the facts." And one of Sekulow saying no witness has testified that Trump linked aid to the investigations. #ImpeachmentTrial 

Has Cippolone answered any questions yet?


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WATCH In his closing remarks, @realDonaldTrump 's Cippolone'>Counsel Pat Cippolone plays old footage of MULTIPLE DEMOCRATS (including current impeachment managers!) issuing dire warnings about the dangers of partisan, weak impeachments: "You were right." 👀

I sat in chamber for entire Schiff speech. That was a mauling. Trump team thought they were there to debate process and Schiff ambushed them with a full-throated case for impeachment. Republicans were visibly uncomfortable. Sekulow & Cippolone responses were rambling & bombastic

Cippolone'>Pat Cippolone just said the @realDonaldTrump  side will rest by 1pET today... meaning the Trump legal team will doing in 3 hours what Democrats needed 15 hours to do. Translation: Team Trump will be 500% more efficient than House Democrats. #Math 

Wow Jay Sekulow follows Pat Cippolone in a remarkable display of outrage against...Jerry Nadler. This is a remarkable example of misdirection. House Managers focussed on Trump, Trump’s lawyers focussed on House Managers.

@StateDept  @weareoversightIn  a letter to YOVANOVITCH's atty, the @StateDeptcited  "the ' @POTUSs  instruction reflected in Mr. CIPPOLONE's letter… to instruct your client (as a current employee of the ) @StateDept … not to appear before the Committees under the present circumstances "

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