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Timeline for Christopher Pyne's job with EY

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Former defence minister Christopher Pyne discussed starting work with consulting company EY while he was still in Cabinet. @sallywhyte 

Christopher Pyne discussed taking a job as a private defence consultant while still a member of Scott Morrison's cabinet #auspol  w/ @edmundtadros 

Former defence minister Christopher Pyne commenced talks on his lucrative defence consultancy job while still serving in parliament @samanthamaiden  #auspol 

Christopher Pyne's EY job offer made while still minister.

Christopher Pyne discussed taking a job as a private defence consultant while still a member of @ScottMorrisonMP 's cabinet and signed up with global firm @EY_Australia  just nine days after leaving politics. #auspol  @edmundtadros  @TomMcIlroy  #auspol 

Christopher Pyne discussed defence industry job while still a member of Cabinet, consultancy firm confirms #auspol 


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Abandon ship! Watch as the Defence brass retreats because their Christopher Pyne'>Minister Christopher Pyne fields political questions with them as the backdrop. The Chief of the Defence Force Angus Campbell leads the rear-guard action. #auspol 

When Josh Frydenberg claimed under Labor the reef went onto UNESCO’s “endangered watch list” I made clear no such list exists. The PM next made the same claim. Today Christopher Pyne referred to the “endangered watch list”. Pssst there is no such thing! #auspol  #reefgate 

That escalated quickly: Call to ban @EY_Australia  from government contracts over Christopher Pyne hire @TomMcIlroy ) #defence 

Another minister Christopher Pyne also met Huang Xiangmo after Santo Santoro set up the meeting. And Brian Loughnane, the Liberal director, asked Dutton look at a special deal for Huang's family. This story is such a peak through the window.

Nine News has confirmed that both Christopher Pyne and Steve Ciobo will announce that they won't recontest tomorrow. #auspol  #9News 

Christopher Pyne, who shut down the Parliament last year to avoid losing a vote, now banging on about "Westminster traditions" is a bit rich.

Christopher Pyne has just been sworn in as Minister for Defence. I repeat: @cpyne  now has weapons.

Christopher Pyne reveals the government’s plan for the refugees on Manus, after four and a half years in the camp – another detention centre. #EvacuateNow 

"If the Government cannot control the Parliament, it cannot run the country": Christopher Pyne, 9 June 2011

Christopher Pyne the latest Minister to attack educators. We should be valuing our teachers and educators, not demonising them. Rack off.