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There is a huge difference between Christine Blasey Ford and Tara Reade

It's very worth recalling what arguments were made in late 2018 to insist Christine Blasey Ford lacked credibility in her sex assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. They are utterly indistinguishable from what Dems are saying now about Tara Reade:

‘Incredible shamelessness’: Politico reports Biden accuser Tara Reade ‘left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances’ (they took a VERY different approach with Christine Blasey Ford)

‘This thread is amazing’: Drew Holden’s compare/contrast on media’s Tara Reade vs. Christine Blasey Ford coverage speaks VOLUMES

From @JRubinBlogger : There is a huge difference between Christine Blasey Ford and Tara Reade

There is a huge difference between Christine Blasey Ford and Tara Reade @JRubinBlogger  / Washington Post)

@cenkuygur  calls out @SenFeinstein 's hypocrisy: "She never cared about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. And she doesn't care about Tara Reade now. All she cares about is her own corrupt career." #tytlive 

Next semi-competent Joe Biden interview NEEDS to ask these two crucial questions: - You said Reade, like Christine Blasey Ford, should be heard. Do you believe Blasey Ford NOW? If you do, why? - You were 51 when Reade was your Senate staffer. What do you remember about her?


Most relevant

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford deserves our respect. I am inspired by her courage. She is one woman, but her words carry the weight of millions who have faced sexual assault. I believe her.

I was John Bolton’s colleague at AEI. How strange to see him surface as Christine Blasey Ford with a mustache. How embittered he must be to make himself a lying tool of the Left. How opportunistic of him to sell his soul to promote a book. To cite Thomas Moore, “But for Wales?”

This massive video of Christine Blasey Ford's testimony is playing on repeat in front of Brett Kavanaugh's dinner guests as they wait outside.

Christine Blasey Ford is still being harassed, her lawyers say. She's reportedly had to move four times. She's had to pay for a private security detail. And she hasn't been able to return to her job at Palo Alto University.

It took great courage for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to come forward with her story. The American people are owed a thorough investigation of the grave & credible allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. RETWEET if you agree Senate Republicans must #PostponeTheVote 

FBI investigation is standard procedure. That’s what Anita Hill got. Christine Blasey Ford'>Dr Christine Blasey Ford wants standard procedure. Republican senators are lying when they say they can’t give Dr Ford standard procedure. Every Republican senator is lying about that.

Christine Blasey Ford courageously stepped forward to tell her story — it is a credible and serious allegation. The Senate has a constitutional responsibility to scrutinize SCOTUS nominees. A vote on Kavanaugh’s nomination must be delayed until there is a thorough investigation.

To review: 1. Kavanaugh's accuser is now on the record: Her name is Christine Blasey Ford 2. Ford has offered a detailed account of sexual assault by Kavanaugh 3. Ford's account corroborated by therapists notes from 2012 4. Ford passed a polygraph test by former FBI agent

Lying to the FBI is a crime. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wants to talk to the FBI. Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t want to talk to the FBI. Kavanaugh’s friend & witness Mark Judge doesn’t want to talk to the FBI. They all know lying to the FBI is a crime.

NEWS: Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) tells me in an intv he that doesn’t think the Judiciary Cmte should move ahead with its Thursday vote on Kavanaugh until they hear more from Christine Blasey Ford. “For me, we can’t vote until we hear more.”