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It took hard work, dedication, sweat, tears and more tears, but most importantly:

If President Trump wants to stop 'attacks' on Judeo-Christian values, he could try embodying some, beginning with not bearing false witness
Sad to see this said at a Christian conference. Where is the grace? Where is the mercy? Where is the Christ?
This morning Trump RTed a tweet from a conservative "Christian" who called for internment camps for anti-Trump protesters.
Christian Beadles is as cool as the seeds in a watermelon. Yes yes. That cool☻☺☻☺☻☺
11-year-old mom forced to marry her rapist by Sharia court in Afghanistan—sorry, I mean Christian church in Florida
A Christian’s mission in the world is splendid, it is a mission intended for everyone, it is a mission of service, excluding no one!
There's nothing less patriotic or Christian than still supporting this president.

Graduate, 14, youngest ever at Texas Christian University
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