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I am with @LaurenDungy  and a large group of believers who are starting at Crossover Church in Tampa. We are trying to keep social distance but marching with the Christian army and praying for our country that love will conquer hate and we can overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21

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TUN v NGA 2004 AFCON semi-final🗣️ #Tunisia  coach Roger Lemerre presser was conducted in French & Arabic. No problem! It's the turn of #Nigeria  coach Christian Chukwu and journalists from his country: "You MUST speak to us in Igbo or Pidgin English." Other journalists:😮😠😡😱

Scotland Yard reveals Madeleine McCann detectives have received nearly 400 tip offs since Christian Brueckner was named suspect

A bit of Christian advice to all the haters. The tweets are likely automated from our bot for the rest of the day. So you are shouting at a bot in replies. You're likely muted already anyway so you are always shouting into the void.

Madeleine McCann prime suspect Christian Brueckner was released from Portuguese prison just months before three-year-old vanished

The requiem, or mass for the dead, is a key part of Christian rituals. But requiems have been an aid to public grieving regardless of faith

⚽⚽ #FIFNextGen ⚽⚽⚽ In case you missed future star number 6⃣ in our series... Name: Christian Dalle MuraClub: @ACFFiorentinaEN  Age: 18 Position: Defender 📌

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Congrats to the Southside Christian School class of 2020! Here's a message from Principal Stouffer and two of the class' top students.


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Here's the sad reality: what happened to George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery & Christian Cooper has gone on for generations to Black Americans. Cell phones just made it more visible. Dismantling systemic racism in our nation starts with demanding justice & holding offenders accountable.

A reminder: What happened to George Floyd is what Amy Cooper hoped would happen to Christian Cooper.

Yes I’m a Christian. Yes I make hypocritical decisions. Yes I fall. I stumble. I struggle. I am a mess. But I’m God’s mess. And he can turn a mess into a masterpiece.

Mahalet was born in Ethiopia. Abandoned by her parents, she lived as an impoverished orphan. Mahalet was adopted by a loving, Christian American family at 11. This week @TPUSA  brought her to the WH. She asked to pray for our President. He brought her onstage-then this happened:

Roy Moore campaign spokesman responds with silence when asked if he knew people can be sworn in with a text other than the Christian bible

Get your first look at Christian Serratos, who will play Selena Quintanilla in a coming of age story chronicling the iconic singer's rise. Selena: The Series — Part 1 premieres in 2020.

Taking license plates at church? Quarantining someone for being Christian on Easter Sunday? Someone needs to take a step back here. Kentucky Governor Announces Plan to Record License Plates of Easter Church Goers and Force Them to Quarantine for 14 Days

Christian pastor who thought COVID-19 is just ‘mass hysteria’ is among the first in Virginia to die from virus

Christian Beadles is as cool as the seeds in a watermelon. Yes yes. That cool☻☺☻☺☻☺

Sounds great Roy - let me know when you get some Christian values and I’ll be there!