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Chris Cuomo, in his interview with Sen. Blumenthal, never asked him about his long-term lie about his brave "service" in Vietnam. FAKE NEWS!
if i were president i would try to introduce a new shocking word every week just to force chris cuomo to say it,
FAKE NEWS: CNN's Chris Cuomo Pushes False Story About Buying AR-15 Without ID, Then Lies About It
3 months
Chris Cuomo asks Sen. Ted Cruz why he’s criticizing his Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke for going by the childhood nickname ‘Beto’ when Cruz’s real name is actually Rafael: “You’re absolutely right. My name is Rafael Edward Cruz.”
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Iran’s favorite TV fool, CNN’s Chris Cuomo. I truly despise this fraud.
Can we all agree that Chris Cuomo is the dumbest Cuomo?
Chris Cuomo not only the dumbest Cuomo, he dissembles
5 months
Chris Cuomo reacts to Trump's "shithole countries" remark: "This is what he thinks of the places and the people that have fed the lifeblood of this country from its inception. He prefers, he says, to have more people from Norway. This is who he is."
Cuomo: Why is GOP so quiet on Flynn?

Rep. Chris Collins: “Well, it’s Valentine’s Day and I guess they’re having breakfast with their wives”
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Just reporting:
Chris Cuomo: “Does Kim Jong Un speak English?”
Dennis Rodman: “He’s just a big kid. Even though he is little.”

Jesus H. Christ.
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