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There've been 353 reports of #Covid19-related  harassment and discrimination in NYC since February, 40% of which targeted Asians, according to @NYCCHR . The ‘ChinatownBlock Watch’ patrols Manhattan’s Chinatown to monitor and report anti-Asian harassment in the area nonviolently

⚡️ “'Chinatown Block Watch' protects against anti-Asian harassment in NYC” by @QuickTake 

Totally on my watch list this weekend: The New Movie ‘Lucky Grandma’ Is a Love Letter to Chinatown, Its Matriarchs, and Their Rule-Breaking Style via @voguemagazine 

Tsai Chin delivers a powerhouse turn as a gambling grandma taking on the Chinatown triads in “Lucky Grandma,” filmmaker Sasie Sealy’s impressive debut

Tien Fuh Wu was rescued from a life of abuse by Chinatown missionaries. She went on to rescue, and care for, thousands like her.

With nearly 90% of Manhattan’s Chinatown restaurants closed, this nonprofit is building custom webpages to allow local businesses to receive electronic donations. - @NBCAsianAmerica 

Chinatown businesses say vandalism has risen during lockdown #HNN 

The Chinese Hospital gave free coronavirus tests to residents in a densely packed single-room-occupancy hotel in San Francisco’s Chinatown on Friday. Cases have soared among the many vulnerable people living in residential hotels.

"Chinatown became a ghost town before other areas became closed down throughout society in general." How the pandemic has affected Boston's Chinatown:

The new movie @LuckyGrandma88  is a love letter to Chinatown, its matriarchs, and their rule-breaking style

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Crazy Nancy Pelosi deleted this from her Twitter account. She wanted everyone to pack into Chinatown long after I closed the BORDER TO CHINA. Based on her statement, she is responsible for many deaths. She’s an incompetent, third-rate politician!

Here is Nancy Pelosi on Feb. 24: "Come to Chinatown. Precautions have been taken...We think it's very safe and want others to come.”

What would have happened: Trump on 2/15: Stay home! Shut your business! Coronavirus is coming! Pelosi: Ignore him. He’s nuts. Biden: Xenophobia! de Blasio: Shut down NYC schools? No way! NYT EdBoard: Trump doesn’t have the authority. Pelosi: He’s a racist. Go out in Chinatown!

FLASHBACK Feb. 24: Pelosi Stands In San Francisco’s Chinatown And Urges People To Come Out

Hey Pelosi If you ain’t gonna boogie don’t put the money in the juke box Get the hell off the dance floor, you’re holding up America Go on back to Chinatown and do another tourist video

So is Trump so stupid that he doesn’t realize Chinatown, in San Francisco, is not located near China, the country, or is he so racist that he thinks being of Chinese descent makes you more likely to have the coronavirus?

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FANCY NANCY in FEB: ‘Everything is Fine Here, Come to Chinatown, All is Well!’

It's disgraceful that the Chinese community have faced increased racism and over 50% business losses since the coronavirus outbreak. I've come to Chinatown here in Manchester, a city that has been twinned with Wuhan for 33 years. We stand in solidarity with the Chinese community.

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Tonight at 11/10c, correspondent Ronny Chieng reports on the Fox News/Jesse Watters racist Chinatown segment.

A man runs down a woman, hacks her to death with a machete, still on the loose. meanwhile a man with 14 arrests kills 4 homeless last night in Chinatown. this is NYC, 2019.