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On a 2015 journey to the Guliya ice cap in China’s Tibet, scientists found something remarkable: 15,000-year-old viruses—some of them new to science.

Meet one of the world's most dangerous, highest, and most punishing roads — Sichuan-Tibet Highway in SW China

China's Great #Tibet  Robbery - Know the Facts c freetibetorg #humanrights  Please RT

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For the first time, snow leopards and leopards were spotted in the same region in Dingqing County, SW China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. Researchers say it’s worth noting the impact of climate change in the region, as the two animals normally do not share similar habitats.

SW China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has vowed to provide over 60,000 job positions for university graduates, and the employment rate should not fall below 90% in 2020. The gross enrollment rate for high school is expected to hit 90% this year.

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In 2019, More than 60,000 jobs for university graduates are created in SW China's Tibet by improving employment policies and services.

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SW China’s Tibet Autonomous Region aims to attract 47 mln tourists and plans to expand its tourism income stream from the current entry tickets at major attractions to an integrated, year-round industrial chain that includes restaurants, hotels, transportation and entertainment

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Mount Emei, with its back to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and standing on the SW edge of the Sichuan Basin, is an ancient and famous attraction in China. #AmazingChina 

The GDP in SW China’s Tibet Autonomous Region was estimated at more than 160 billion yuan (around $23 billion) in 2019, up about 9%. The per capita disposable income for the region’s rural residents grew 13%, while that for urban residents rose over 10%.

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#DailyChinaBriefing on Jan. 8: 1. Made-in-China Tesla vehicles delivered to customers 2. China's forex reserves near 3.11 trln USD 3. Tibet builds, upgrades 43,000 km of rural roads in 5 yrs


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Thrilling! Check out the superb driving skills of PLA soldiers from SW China’s Tibet Autonomous Region.

If the successful suppression of almost all dissent counts as winning, then China seems to have won in Tibet

While criticising Nehru justifiably for signing a treaty to hand to China Tibet in 1954 let us not forget Vajpayee signed a similar treaty with China accepting dividing Tibet into 4 and merging three with neighbouring Chinese states. .

@venzq  : Why they should not? Ask those who signed away UNSC seat to China, who took J&K to UN and those who refuse to withdraw it now? Who sold out Tibet again in 2003? China knows who are soft touches and who wear velvet gloves and pack a punch

Dalai Lama hospitalized with chest infection The Buddhist monk, 83, expects to remain in a New Delhi hospital for several more days. He had recently returned from speaking to students and educators about a possible “reunion” between Tibet and China.

Nehru betrayed us:(a)By declining US [1950]& USSR [1955] offers of UN Security Council veto wielding permanent seat;(b)Agreeing to China's acquisition of Tibet without a prior border settlement;(c) Taking Kashmir, after merger, to UN.

Chinese deployment in Tibet is increasing at an alarming rate. The Chinese now have an all-weather air deployment in Tibet. This is a huge departure from the past. Has Modi Govt totally failed in containing China? Where is the 'lal aankh' PM Modi had promised? #Dhokalam 

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Flag raising ceremony on China's National Day, in Beijing, Hong Kong, Tibet and South China Sea

Humour | China says if Indians stop putting paneer in chow mein, they will stop staking claims on Arunachal and also on Tibet 😂 #FakeItIndia 

Nehru i1954 Vajpayee 2003 signed with China a Treaty that Tibet is a part of China. Chinese thus have a point protesting Dalai Lama visit