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Loads of stories in here • Italy has turned the corner. New cases falling • US? >100k *new cases this week* • China squashed its outbreak, but as restrictions are lifted, cases rebound. Lockdowns don’t end overnight ⚠️ • Japan looked like a success story, but cases now rising

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Global recoveries are now nearing 180,000. More than half are now coming from outside Mainland China led by Spain, Italy, Germany and Iran. #COVID19  We can beat this!!!

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The @jburnmurdoch  chart of doom shows a plateauing death toll in Italy, while the achievement of S Korea in keeping deaths low and China in reducing them so dramatically look increasingly impressive.

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How China unleashed Twitter bots to spread COVID-19 propaganda in Italy -

Around the same time that the first flight of supplies arrived from China to Italy, Beijing began circulating rumors that the coronavirus originated in Italy, @elisabethbraw  writes.

“The Italian scientists at Milan University are investigating whether the coronavirus outbreak actually began in Italy in the last quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, a $20 trillion lawsuit has been filed against China for waging Biological war using Coronavirus.”

At least 40,949 deaths have been recorded, nearly three quarters of which are in Europe. Italy has 12,428 deaths, Spain 8,189, mainland China 3,305, the United States 4,315, and France 3,523.

China and Italy stand in solidarity in the face of adversity, from a devastating earthquake 12 years ago, to the current #COVID19  battle #coronavirus 

Coronavirus might have given the planet a chance to heal... 🌏 The @esa  says an earth-observation satellite has detected a significant reduction in pollutant nitrogen dioxide in northern Italy and China's Hubei province since lockdowns were imposed. #Pollution  #Coronavirus 

@ErikSolheim  And let’s also understand that while china blocked people from Wuhan/Hubei province from travelling to Shanghai/Beijing (hence the remarkably low no of cases there) they had no qualms about sending flights to the EU, namely Italy where trade in the fashion industry is huge


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1. The US is undoubtedly NOT #1  in terms of actual coronavirus cases. China has been lying. 2. Increased diagnoses of coronavirus say nothing about the quality of our system. Italy has far fewer diagnosed cases and seven times as many deaths. 3. Everyone is stupid.

NEW: Friday 27 March update of coronavirus mortality trajectories • UK has more dead at this stage than any country except Spain & Italy ⚠️ • US now clearly more deaths than China or Iran, could soon pass France • India added Live version FREE TO READ

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Most coronavirus deaths. Italy: 4825 China: 3261 Spain: 1724 Iran: 1685 France: 562 US: 340 UK: 234 Netherlands: 137 South Korea: 104 Germany: 93 Switzerland: 80 Belgium: 75 Indonesia: 48 Japan: 36 Philippines: 25 Canada: 21 Turkey: 21 Sweden: 20 Brazil: 18 Iraq: 17

Most coronavirus deaths. Italy: 6077 China: 3270 Spain: 2206 Iran: 1812 France: 860 US: 577 UK: 335 Netherlands: 214 Germany: 123 Switzerland: 117 South Korea: 111 Belgium: 88 Indonesia: 49 Japan: 42 Philippines: 33 Turkey: 30 Sweden: 25 Brazil: 25 Canada: 24 Denmark: 24

“This is an unmitigated disaster that the administration has brought upon the population, and I don’t say this lightly,” says Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute. “We have had a much worse response than Iran, than Italy, than China

Most coronavirus deaths. China: 3176 Italy: 1016 Iran: 429 Spain: 87 South Korea: 67 France: 61 US: 41 Japan: 17 UK: 10 Iraq: 8 Switzerland: 7 Germany: 6 Netherlands: 5 San Marino: 5 Philippines: 5 Belgium: 3 Australia: 3 Hong Kong: 3 Lebanon: 3 Egypt: 2 Algeria: 2

Most coronavirus deaths Italy: 3405 China: 3245 Iran: 1284 Spain: 830 France: 372 US: 171 UK: 144 South Korea: 91 Netherlands: 77 Germany: 44 Switzerland: 33 Japan: 32 Indonesia: 25 Belgium: 21 Philippines: 17 San Marino: 14 Iraq: 12 Sweden: 11 Canada: 9 Algeria: 9 Norway: 7

Stockmarkets today. Italy: -10% Norway: -8.9% Spain: -7.5% France: -7.2% Germany: -7.1% Netherlands: -7.1% Saudi: -7.2% UK: -6.8% Australia: -6.6% Indonesia: -6.6% Sweden: -6% South Africa: -5.5% India: -5.4% Japan: -5% Turkey: -4.2% South Korea: -4.2% China: -3%

China has reacted to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy by sending aid. The US has reacted by suspending flights. Who is the superpower?