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need to say thank u to all the countries from the last run. i see u brazil, argentina, chile, and all the rest of you. I love u. thank u
Swedish fans never let us down! Amazing show in an incredible stadium! Thank you! Now to watch Australia v chile in the World Cup
Santiago , chile ! Thank you so much for the last few days, had a great time!
No Italy. No Chile. No Netherlands. No USA. Maybe it’s time to consider a 48 team World Cup....oh wait a minute.
Resting for tonight but Chile I'm gonna be ready. Had some much needed rest time. #BelieveTour
incredible show Chile. Energy was right. heading home for a small break. (shooting 3 music videos) then back at it. #hardwork #BELIEVE
My dancers are hilarious! Pre show warm ups. Chile thank you for an incredible show! Te amo.
thank you Peru 🙏🏻 chile tomorrow. 📸: @hoeg
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