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need to say thank u to all the countries from the last run. i see u brazil, argentina, chile, and all the rest of you. I love u. thank u
Swedish fans never let us down! Amazing show in an incredible stadium! Thank you! Now to watch Australia v chile in the World Cup
Santiago , chile ! Thank you so much for the last few days, had a great time!
thank you Peru 🙏🏻 chile tomorrow. 📸: @hoeg
Resting for tonight but Chile I'm gonna be ready. Had some much needed rest time. #BelieveTour
incredible show Chile. Energy was right. heading home for a small break. (shooting 3 music videos) then back at it. #hardwork #BELIEVE
Chile 🇨🇱 Thank you for being your beautiful amazing selves tonight. Y'all brought the zayum energy. Chilean food is life. God is good yessir
Get ready Harmonizers!! SO excited to have our girl @iambeckyg joining us on the Argentina, Chile, & Mexico #5HPSATour dates 🔥 See you soon!
My dancers are hilarious! Pre show warm ups. Chile thank you for an incredible show! Te amo.
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