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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has told Sky News it is up to Labour's chief whip to decide on disciplinary action but he does not think the party's MPs will defy the whip and vote for the Brexit deal tomorrow because it is "such a poor deal"

@johnmcdonnellMP  . confirms disciplinary matters are up to 'the chief whip' an @jeremycorbynd  . See above: Labour just doesn't withdraw the whip from MPs who defy the party line in Commons votes. They are *not* like the Tories, who withdrew whip from those who backed Benn/Letwin

DUP Chief Whip at Westminster Jeffrey Donaldson told @morningireland  that the principle of consent is "absolutely crucial to us" and he said that some elements of consent in the Good Friday Agreement are done away with and weakened by the deal. | #Brexit 

I also understand that Labour's chief whip Nick Brown has been clear to MPs from the outset that he will deal with all disciplinary issues arising out of Brexit, in the round at the end of the process.

Or, as someone put it to me: why do the same people who like authoritarian, centralised deselections (by leader/chief whip withdrawing the whip) tend to dislike democratic, decentralised deselections (by local party members)?

“If we don’t have the DUP on board and we don’t have some of my Conservative colleagues, the deal isn’t going to get through parliament.” Former Chief Whip Mark'>Tory Chief Whip Mark Harper MP says, “I think the prime minister is very well aware of that” #Newsnight  | @Mark_J_Harper  | #Brexit 

Plaid Cymru's chief whip says there has been a "huge" surge in support for Welsh independence since the Brexit referendum. @clivebull  | @JonathanPlaid  | @Plaid_Cymru 

Plaid Cymru's chief whip says there has been a "huge" surge in support for Welsh independence since the Brexit referendum. @clivebull  | @JonathanPlaid  | @Plaid_Cymru 

Maharashtra assembly polls: Ministers to chief whip, BJP veterans fall by the wayside

The chief whip of the official opposition, John Steenhuisen tells @vuyo_mvoko  why he has decided to break his silence in defence of party leader Mmusi Mmaimane. Join Vuyo on #NightLine  Courtesy#DStv403 


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Rees-Mogg, Baroness Evans and Mark Spencer, Chief Whip, attended the Privy Council held by the Queen at Balmoral Castle. They must resign.

Sean Lawler, Trump’s chief of protocol, has quit just ahead of his trip to Japan and Korea. His departure comes as he faced a possible investigation into accusations of carrying a whip around the office and otherwise intimidating staff.

Sir Nicholas Soames MP confirms to #Newsnight  that he will not stand in the next general election. “I have been told by the chief whip… that I have had the whip removed after 37 years as a Conservative MP." “I’m not going to stand” @nsoamesmp  @maitlis |

Labour chief whipNick Brown just told PLP the party would not back PM's snap election bid. He said party wanted Johnson to "stew in his own juices" and be made to "own" his mess, one present says. John McDonnell didnt demur.

Cabinet source says ministers were told it was ok to abstain despite the three line whip - in what was described as 'pandemonium', they say the Chief whip couldnt answer question on whipping and PM didnt know what was going on

Strangest 2 things of the night - Steve Barclay, the Brexit Secretary, voted against the plan he had been arguing for minutes before, and the chief whip who is in charge of getting MP s to back the govt, abstained

Under the UK's magnificent unwritten constitution, all the government has to do to shelve this historic vote on our Brexit future - painstakingly negotiated and plotted for more than 18 months - is for the chief whip to shout "tomorrow" at around 8 tonight. Mother of parliaments

Labour chief whipNick Brown just told parliamentary Labour Party that will table no-confidence motion in entire government under Fixed Term Parliament Act if refuses to give time tomorrow for no-confidence vote in her, Labour MP tells me.

I've just been speaking to Dominic Raab - he told the Chief Whip at end of Cabinet he was quitting, tells me the deal won't get through Parliament, and the EU have been 'blackmailing' us - interview on soon

I was told by well-placed source that a Tory backbencher was texted by chief whip with instructions to break pair on Tuesday night. “That is an order not a request” was how text was retold to me. In event shrewd MP consulted pairing whip and honoured pair. But...