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Narendra Modi
chennai based dr s jayachandran is a hero his was a life purely for the betterment of others
Chennai based Dr S Jayachandran is a hero. His was a life purely for the betterment of others.
INC India
live congress president rahulgandhi interacts with students at chennai vanakkamrahulgandhi
LIVE: Congress President @RahulGandhi interacts with students at Chennai. #VanakkamRahulGandhi
@BJP4India 2 weeks
i have flagged off the fastest train tejas between madurai and chennai this is one of the most modern trains a
I have flagged off the fastest train, Tejas, between Madurai and Chennai.

This is one of the most modern trains and is a great example of ‘Make in India’ having been manufactured in the Integral Coach Factory of Chennai itself : PM Modi #TNTrustsModi
Mahesh Babu
stellar performances matchless pure class as a fan used to clap watching his films in the theaters of chennai
#ChekkaChivanthaVaanam ... stellar performances ..
...matchless👌 ...pure class👌
As a fan, used to clap wa#ManiRatnamtching his films in the theaters of Chennai, did the same... watching it in my home theater with my collar up👏👏
Virender Sehwag
congratulations chennai superkings on becoming deserving champions of the biggest t20 tournament in the world
Congratulations Chennai Superkings on becoming deserving champions of the biggest T20 tournament in the world. Brilliant throughout the tournament and the wonderful people from Chennai and whole of TN deserve this . #IPL2018Final
ian bremmer
cities w highest projected gdp increase b t 2019 and 2035 1 surat 92 year on year growth 2 agra 86 3 bengaluru
Cities w/ highest projected GDP increase b/t 2019 and 2035

1 Surat 9.2% year-on-year growth
2 Agra 8.6%
3 Bengaluru 8.5%
4 Hyderabad 8.47%
5 Nagpur 8.41%
6 Tiruppur 8.36%
7 Rajkot 8.33%
8 Tiruchirappalli 8.29%
9 Chennai 8.2%
10 Vijayawada 8.16%

All in India.

Oxford Economics
@ANI_news 3 weeks
gauri mahadik 10 days after his demise i was thinking about what should i do now i decided that i ve to do som
Gauri Mahadik: 10 days after his demise, I was thinking about what should I do now. I decided that I've to do something for him & that I'll join the forces & wear his uniform & his stars. I will join Army next year as a lieutenant after hardcore training at OTA in Chennai.
Subramanian Swamy
all india conf of vhs in chennai was huge success eerts spoke on economy national security including rafale an
All India conf of VHS in Chennai was huge success. Eerts spoke on Economy, National Security including Rafale and Balakot bombing Tamil-Sanskrit facts & social media foreign control & my valedictory speech. Congrats to Chandralekha who is the most popular TN resident BJP leader.
Subramanian Swamy
i am heading for chennai to attend the annual conference of virat hindustan sangham vhs has emerged in these f
I am heading for Chennai to attend the annual conference of Virat Hindustan Sangham. VHS has emerged in these five years as an effective all India organisation. VHS endorsements for BJP candidates are in big demand.
Shashi Tharoor
great to welcome to thiruvananthapuram airport fresh from his triumphant visit to chennai amp in transit to ka
Great to welcome @OfficeOfRG to Thiruvananthapuram airport, fresh from his triumphant visit to Chennai & in transit to Kanyakumari (which @INCIndiawill surely wrest back from the BJP). We are all very confident that Congress will perform strongly across the South.
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