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Sound check done ! Really excited now
Check out the brand new poster for Star Wars: #TheLastJedi and watch the trailer tonight.
Check on people that check on you
Wow, Matt Lauer was just fired from NBC for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” But when will the top executives at NBC & Comcast be fired for putting out so much Fake News. Check out Andy Lack’s past!
So the GOP is about to (essentially) write Apple a check for $47 billion while cutting programs for homeless vets? Am I getting this right?
So we add a trillion to the debt with a tax cut for the wealthy, then we cut Medicare to pay for it. Wouldn’t it be simpler for seniors to just write a check to the Koch Brothers?
@niallofficial check this diva out!! asleep with his shades on pfft ha !! :) x
Everybody complaining about Trump but club penguin is shutting down so maybe check your priorities?
Check out my covers for @AttitudeMag
Here's the lyric video for 'This Town'
check it on on @vevo
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