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Want to learn how to protect your privacy online, but aren’t sure where to begin? Check out our Surveillance Self Defense basics section to get started.

Twi! Bahasa Indonesia! Igbo! Burmese! Khmer! Yoruba! Swahili! Thanks to & the amazing efforts of translators around the world, our Surveillance Self-Defense resource has guides in more languages. Check 'em out on our new external translations page

Good security starts with understanding the unique threats you face and how you can counter those threats. Check out how to conduct your own personal risk assessment on Surveillance Self-Defense.

Want an introduction to digital surveillance, and how to protect your communications with others? Check out our Surveillance Self-Defense write-up.

Worried about creating passwords and security questions? Check out our Surveillance Self-Defense guide:

Amb Lute: Ministers will check in on #NATO 's 21st century capabilities: ballistic missile defense & Alliance Ground Surveillance system

Check out what's new on Surveillance Self-Defense:

Check out what's new on Surveillance Self-Defense:

Want to protect against spies, hackers, or stalkers but not sure how? Check out @EFF 's "Surveillance Self-Defense"