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Check out these arctic wolf triplets! Three adorable wolf pups, 2 male and 1 female, celebrated their one-month-old birthday on Monday at the Harbin Polarland in northeast China's #Heilongjiang  province.

💡 Enjoying this #CGDTalks ? Check out ‘COVID-19’s Impact on China’s Small and Medium-sized Businesses’:

#Lizhi 】One of the most successful singer-songwriters in China, #Lizhi 's 『"Best Selection Songs 2004-2018" Volume.2"』has been arrived. Please check it out at 7F in Tower Records Shibuya (富士)

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What you read about China is strangely reminiscent of what you read about Japan in the 1980/90. Yes, I assure you. Check. The same vision of the hard working, enslaved, fun-hating, long term planning, threatening Asian. Is it by chance?

#Coronavirusvaccine update: Positive developments from China and India; check out the details via @BT_India 

Twitter applies fact-check to China spokesman about coronavirus origin

China is to make national security laws for #HongKong . What does it mean for the people and businesses in Hong Kong? Why is it so important? Check this episode of #XinhuaSpecial 

One of the smartest people I know, @dwertime , has a new China newsletter. Check it out:

#IndiaChinaFaceOff – Economic pressure a must to keep China in check. Bharat, stop being ‘nirbhar’ on China. Watch#TheRightStand  with @AnchorAnandN  at 7:57 PM.


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American taxpayers shouldn't be funding organizations that are lying to us & kowtowing to Communist China. China consistently lied about the #Coronavirus , tried to hide the spread from the global community and the @WHO  helped them. Check out my @TuckerCarlson  interview ⬇️

Someone w/ a blue check mark wants China to have a monopoly on rare-earth minerals (essential for national defense) & the US to remain dependent on China. I look him up. He was—of course—Mexico’s ambassador to China, now a DC lobbyist. Anyone wanna bet he’s being paid $$ by CCP?

FACT-CHECK: Pres. Trump is trying to blame the WHO for its early coronavirus response and basically "taking China's word" - here was Pres. Trump in *January*:

U.S. corporations see a future in countries that pay workers pennies an hour. But when they need a bailout, they don't ask China or Vietnam for help—they get their welfare check from the taxpayers of America. Maybe U.S. corporations should invest and pay taxes in America, too.

@realDonaldTrump  is promising a cash payout to American farmers thanks to “China Tariffs” before the holidays. Here’s a fact check:

Check out the beautiful sunset and sea of clouds in Huangshan, east #China 's Anhui Province

Just a reminder for all reporters: Trump’s daughter has a stash of Chinese licenses. She’s doing business in China Right Now. You may want to check it out.

FACT CHECK: Reports about Secret Service agents tackling a host nation official during the President’s trip to China in Nov 2017 are false

China to Lil Kim: "Don’t let your mouth write a check that your fists can’t cash, Nutjob, because if you do, you’re on your own.”