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Even as we protect free speech and assembly, we must condemn hatred, violence and white supremacy. #Charlottesville
.@DFRLab's latest investigation analyzes a post-Charlottesville bot attack on US news site @ProPublica: @benimmo
The white nationalist demonstration in #Charlottesville is a reprehensible display of racism and hatred that has no place in our society.
NFL players kneel during national anthem, Mike Pence walks out of game in protest.

The KKK march in Charlottesville, the @VP says NOTHING.
It's sad what's going on in Charlottesville. Is this the direction our country is heading? Make America Great Again huh?! He said that🤦🏾‍♂️
By the way, fuck these nazi motherfuckers. #Charlottesville
My heart is in Charlottesville today, and with everyone made to feel unsafe in their country.
Hurricane after hurricane. mass shooting, cali fires, Charlottesville. All of this is being handled by no one. We have no leader.
On the same night that racists are carrying torches in Charlottesville I see this tweet. Choose well what kind of human you're going to be.
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