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RIP Charlie Gard.
A brave little boy who touched the world.
"Our beautiful little boy has gone. We are so proud of you Charlie" - parents pay tribute to son Charlie Gard
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"Sleep tight our beautiful little boy".

Charlie Gard has passed away in a hospice after it was ruled that he could not be taken home.
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Parents of baby Charlie Gard, who fought a legal battle over his treatment, say their 'beautiful boy' has died.
The essential conflict with Alfie Evans, as it was for Charlie Gard, is whether parents know what's best for their child, or whether hospitals do. The UK believes hospitals do, even when the hospital is saying the child MUST die.
Baby Charlie Gard, whose plight drew international attention after his parents' legal fight over treatment, has died
Charlie Gard’s Parents Support Alfie’s Parents, Announce Campaign to Change Law
Please pray for little Alfie Evans, the UK toddler w/a tragic situation similar to that of Charlie Gard.

Folks, is this what we want for America? Parents rendered helpless before the gods of socialized medicine?

Keep Alfie & his family in your prayers.
Today the Chairman of GOSH has made the following statement regarding GOSH patient Charlie Gard:
Dad of US boy with same rare genetic condition as terminally-ill baby Charlie Gard contacted us to say experimental treatment helped his son
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