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Tainted (no, very dishonest?) FBI “agent’s role in Clinton probe under review.” Led Clinton Email probe. @foxandfriends Clinton money going to wife of another FBI agent in charge.
Hey @Lavarbigballer real big baller brands don't over charge kids for shoes.
Got 1% battery but that was sooooo sick . Gonna put a video message up soon saying thanks , just gonna charge my phone ! Love you all
It is now on Attorney General Sessions to charge Kate Steinle’s killer with serious immigration violations. This is a litmus test for Mr. Sessions.
Feel like it hasn't sunk in just how insane today's Flynn story is: The man put in charge of the US National security apparatus attempting to use his position to secure a business deal.
I’m excited to introduce The @SanDisk #iXpandbase for iPhone. Never worry about losing your photos & videos again! Charge your iPhone or iPad with the iXpand base while it automatically backs up. Purchase here (RE or (Favorite) #Ad#Backupandcharge
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Prayers for the Steinle family. Feds should immediately charge the thug with a variety of immigration crimes. What’s happening to America?
Problem is that the acting head of the FBI & the person in charge of the Hillary investigation, Andrew McCabe, got $700,000 from H for wife!
Nice try, Mr. President. But you’re in charge now. The buck stops with you. Break the ACA by sabotaging it, and you’ll be held accountable.
I'd like to apologize to the world for @realDonaldTrump. We have an imbecile in charge. We are correcting the problem as quickly as we can.
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