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On the new episode of Design Matters with @debbiemillman , author Chanel Miller reflects on her journey to healing—and the role of art in her past, present, and future:

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Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Chanel Miller and Tyah-Amoy Roberts, a survivor of the high school mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., received Courage Awards for their advocacy at the Presidio Theatre in San Francisco Tuesday night. via @LaurenPorFavor :

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Chanel Miller and Tyah-Amoy Roberts — an activist and survivor of the Parkland shooting — received Courage Awards for their advocacy on Tuesday.

@mega2e 's interview w/Harvey Weinstein's lawyer on The Daily is WILD. Especially after reading Chanel Miller's Know My Name, it was literally mind-blowing to hear her claim that sexual assault victims have some easy breezy time w/the criminal justice system. Still horrified.

Just started reading Know My Name by Chanel Miller and it is astonishing and beautiful. Highly recommend it.

"Scary Movie," "Slave Play," Chanel Miller and jerk chicken — these are just a few of the things that comedian Ilana Glazer can't live without.

"Sharing your truth as a survivor is the ultimate form of activism, because we live in a world that tells us to be silent." Chanel Miller, Emma Sulkowicz, Kamilah Willingham, and Andrea Pino on what's different in the #MeToo  Era ⤵️

Chanel Miller and Robyn Doolittle's books shed light on sexual assault survivors' struggles within the justice system:

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‘Nobody wants to be defined by the worst thing that’s happened to them.’ — Chanel Miller opens up about her short film ‘I Am With You’ and how art helped her heal

You need to hear every single word of Chanel Miller's powerful poem at #GlamourWOTY  Awards.

"They reminded me that I carry light and I deserve to be loved. Even when I forgot.” Some inspiration to "give a damn" about yourself and those around you from Chanel Miller. ?: @glamourmag 

She has been known to the world as “Emily Doe,” the sexual assault victim of Stanford swimmer Brock Turner. Now she’s revealing her name and face. Chanel Miller, here reading her victim impact statement, gives her first interview to "60 Minutes"

Chanel Miller’s response to online critics who said she was partly to blame for the assault because she had too much to drink.

Chanel Miller's victim impact statement made headlines after she read it during Brock Turner's sentencing hearing. Over 7,000 words long, it detailed the shock of finding out what happened to her after the attack and the wrenching aftermath. Read it here:

For years, Chanel Miller was known only as "Emily Doe," the anonymous woman who brought a sexual assault case against Brock Turner. In an upcoming memoir, she'll tell her story under her own name.

“So you’re saying I just put aside a year and a half of my life so he could go to county jail for three months?” Chanel Miller shares her reaction to Brock Turner’s sentence.

The woman who was sexually assaulted by Brock Turner while she was unconscious in 2015 has come forward publicly for the first time. Her name is Chanel Miller, and she's telling her story.

In her memoir out this September, "Know My Name," Chanel Miller will "reclaim the story of her sexual assault."