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i like that it says rapper underneath chance the rapper
Chance the Rapper is the first black hip-hop artist to win #GRAMMYs Best New Artist since Lauryn Hill in 1999
Chance the Rapper leads hundreds of young voters to long early voting lines downtown so they can cast their ballots:
Chance the Rapper surprised children in Chicago by crashing a 5th grade classroom and then announcing to the whole school that Google is donating $1.5 million to help implement computer science in the city’s public schools:
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And the Best Rapper of 2016 is....

Chance The Rapper!
chance the rapper got another collab with future and i need this immediately 😩 😩 😩 😩
Just a game of knockout with Myles Turner, Quavo, Offset and Chance the Rapper 😳 [NSFW] (via @Migos)
Chance The Rapper wins Best New Artist #GRAMMYs
Childish Gambino confirms working with Chance the Rapper, says collab is about "catching a vibe"
In case you wanted to know the occupation of “Chance The Rapper”....
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