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#Mayawati First Opposition Leader To Accept #AmitShah  's Challenge For Public Debate On #CitizenshipAmendmentAct 

Mayawati first to accept Amit Shah’s challenge for public debate on CAA #CAA  #mayawati  #AmitShah 

“China is the rising power of the 21st century. The challenge for the World order is to manage China’s rise in a peaceful way… It's in the national interest to have an informed public debate about Australia’s changed strategic circumstances,” @DaveSharma  tells @PatsKarvelas 

Column | The biggest challenge for a #newspaper  in a polarised environment is to create a public sphere where debate, doubt, argument and dissent lead to a more informed choices without being subjected to savage personal attack," writes the reader's editor

“I hereby challenge A.G. Sulzberger, publisher of the New York Times and the business section editor to a public debate in Washington, DC..."

I challenge thee to a… tax debate? The disgruntled boss of FedEx has challenged The New York Times to a public tax debate after the paper alleged that the courier reduced its tax bill to zero last year

The hugely successful HBO show has thrust Chernobyl back into public debate. But the disaster is not just a matter of history, and remains a very modern challenge - and a point of friction between Russia and the West @FinancialTimes  @FTLifeArts  @ftweekend 

Keen: I do think that the educational challenge is an important one, and learning to listen, tolerate, debate. [Learning] media literacy, understanding these platforms aren't public spaces. #2030Now  #InsightforImpact  Watch#SGS2019  LIVE:

Speculation of a leadership challenge against the Premier have turned into public denials, with ministers promising they don't want her job. @GladysB  says she's spoken to MPs about a lack of discipline over the abortion debate. @Seanberry7news  #nswpol  #7NEWS 

WATCH: “I'm more than happy to take him on and murder him on the issue.” @Carlaw4Eastwood  accepts @KeithBrownSNP’s challenge of a public debate on a second independence referendum. #scotnight 


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Jobs Data Row hits government as two key statisticians quit over why jobs data (post notebandi) not being put in public domain. On #DemocracyLive  debate whether Jobs will be Modi's biggest challenge in 2019

I challenge @MMFlint  to a public or TV debate: which is the party of racism & fascism? Let’s see if he’s up for it

As with any of these "cyber bullies" like @shannoncoulter  , you're welcome to challenge me right here at #NRAAM  to a public debate on 2A.

I challenge @billmaher  to a public debate on Israel-Palestine. Anytime anywhere. Come on Maher "he-man" you're spoiling to slap somebody?

BJP is hiding behind a veil and not accepting challenge for a public debate: @ArvindKejriwal  .

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